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You're listening to a daily sales tips podcast. I'm your host Scott Ingram few weeks ago. Josh Roth, wrote a great post on link in where he suggested that we all need to start calling each other out for these ridiculous connect and pitches, and Cowan. We links in the first message on link Din I wholeheartedly agree actually worry about the future of linked in because of this, and I asked Josh, who's the senior Business Development Manager for the enterprise and strategic segment. Walk me to record this tip in today's sales culture. So often I think that sales people feel the need to. Reach their quotas and do whatever they can to hit every single day every single month, and what that's causing is sales people sales representatives are reaching out and they're connecting on Lincoln, and then they're immediately pitching sometimes that pitch is even in the connection request sometimes, it's promptly upon the connection request being accepted. We as a sales function must get away from this Lincoln at its core is a professional social network. It is not a place to be connecting and pitching. It's a place to add value. So what can you do instead of connecting and pitching? What I've found is really effective in not only having conversations with people, but really building relationships is going through an engaging in their content. Understand what it is. They're doing on a day to day on a week to week basis. What are they reading? What are they engaging with? What are they talking about? That's going to do three different things for you. One, it's going to have your name be associated with providing value to the prospect instead of just. A wild connected pitch that's coming out of nowhere number two. You'RE GONNA start to learn the language that your prospect is speaking. How were they talking about their role? How are they talking about their industry so that you will understand better if first of all, you can align with your prospect and with your prospects function, but you're also going to learn how they're speaking. So you can help frame your messaging to the way they speak and not vice versa number. Three you're also going to begin to help your prospect on Lincoln. You're going to help them get their content out wider, and you're going to have your network see that, and your prospect will appreciate that because they're going to associate your name with helpfulness kind of ties back to the first point a little bit, and we as a as sales leaders. We A- sales people we as a sales function must move away from connected pitch because what's going to happen. Is Selling over linked in will not work anymore. We're already seeing this with email email open rates are down email conversion rates are down email automation is way way up people do not want to feel like a robot is selling them they want to know there's someone on the other end of that that is done their due diligence that is a person that has feelings they want to feel the authenticity and the more we automate linked in the more we. The sales process especially early on in sales development and business development we are making our jobs harder moving forward. We already see different cell phone carriers in different phones actually ebeling cold calling you can literally go in and turn off the ringer. For numbers, you do not recognize we are seeing filters on company's websites that disallow. Emails that have links or gifts or memes. Let this happen on link did added value deposit before you withdraw. But most importantly do not connect and pitch add value before you go in and pitch. If you click over to daily sales dot tips forward slash five seventy eight you'll find a link to Joshua's Lincoln profile where you can follow him and Josh continues to hang out near the top of the Lincoln Sales Starr's top one hundred list that we just updated this weekend will have linked to that list there as well at daily sales tips forward slash five, seventy eight once you followed Josh be sure to come back tomorrow for another great sales tip. Thanks for listening..

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