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Can STI AM seven hundred Tucson's. Most stimulating talk tree things. I think you need to know number one the president it looks like he is going to sign this Bill. We don't know yet. The guy can always change his mind. But he's thinking of signing this Bill. Signing this Bill that would give fifty five miles of fencing one point three seven five billion dollars, which is one billion three hundred seventy four million nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety dollars. A Nancy said she'd give. And he said Washington Post reports he's gonna use executive order the rest of the wall. What do you think about that? Second thing. I think you need to know what we just talked about it. Dick. The Tappara Leah's appointed an illegal alien to sit on a board a commission. That overseas law enforcement and Pima county videos on my pager canister dot com. You can see it for yourself. Holy crap. Third thing I think you need to know is that and this this is this is something it's their this is fantastic. Big story in the Washington Examiner. It's true. Trump did start building more wall in Texas six miles going up right now. All you hear about from the media is that this is just a big lie. This is a giant lie. It's a lie. It's a lo-. It's not a lie. Three things. I think you need to know, you know, we should have put that I have audio for you that I can get we'll get your your take from all this stuff. Right. What do you think about the president? What do you think about what I talk about? Allie Miller if you like. What do you think about the president signing this? And we got some good calls last hour people. I was surprised actually some people were they get it. They get that. He is going to do other stuff to get that wall built. Other. He's gonna it's gonna do. It's going to happen. Get your comments on that eight eight zero eight eight zero five six seven eight got a great Email also about the the situation of illegal aliens sitting on this law enforcement board here in Pima county again, given the job by dick the tapper elitists. Dick, the tapper, and I got the I got the Email, and I believe it said if I'm trying to find a right now. Here we go. Actually, putting an illegal alien on a police review board is a metaphor for the whole Democratic Party. I think it's true. I think it's true. There was a sound bite. I gotta get this. It was that's sleepy eyed son of a beach Chuck Todd. Saying that Trump is just lying lying when it comes to saying he is building a wall. He is lying. He's in fantasy land. I it was all over the media's. I Trump isn't really it's like they want you to believe you saline off. They want you to believe it. Trump's not building a wall. That's not happening. Not at all matter of fact. I want you to affirmative over there. Real quick Chuck Shaw. If it's Tuesday..

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