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Gordon Hayward you have labeled him as one of your guys years and years and years ago when he was with the jazz and he really seemed like he was working his way back to that the old form when he was in Utah and then this happened freak play. He's just fighting through pick gets blindsided by the markets Aldridge. You can't really see what happens but you now is a broken and and Jalen. What did you feel when you heard the news about? Hayward's left hand. This is major foot Boston Celtics. I don't think it's going to be catastrophic. Because they play in the eastern conference but he was playing like an all star name in his playmaking in his shooting really balanced off the attack back and allows guys like Kibbe Walker to be on and off the ball. Same with Marcus. SMART allow tatum concede have opportunities for slashing along with Jaylen Brown. There one less man in their back court. Now I think that's GONNA be somethin'. That really affects their record. Going forward in a negative way. Jalen has been a lot of time with view and often times. Look down at your hand and there's a big old scar on top of it because you had surgery given the timetable of your injury. And you're familiar with this type of injury. Do you think I think we can get him back for the playoffs. This is still this can be fifteen. Twenty Games okay. It depends on it. Depends depends on if he actually has to get surgery or not. That's the difference if he has to get. Surgery is to first time table if he doesn't have to get surgery. I'll say it'd it'd be about ten games. We'll root for your Gordon Hayward and one they'll about the celtics is the Camaraderie Especially between Joan by name of Taco fall who we all know about and his cancer cantor. They did something that I needed to talk to. Jalen rose about this cancer. Giving fall a haircut Jalen. Have you ever gotten your haircut by teammate. I love love that brotherhood. And if he's getting the ball deed is that truly considered a haircut. That's a great point a great point but I would trust a friend with a ball though. Yeah I wouldn't trust a friend to give me a fade but I would trust a friend to give me a baldy. But look at that footage as Caja doesn't look too comfortable with the clippers in his hand doesn't look too. I know you spent you spend more time of your life in a barber chair that you have in the studio did he look like competent. Cut Taco falls hair. He did not look company then by the way in his cantor has really good hair. He wouldn't allow somebody on his team to cut his. So this is hypocritical Innis. Also my question for you you still stay in. Have you ever ever let someone who is not a barber. Cut your hair absolutely not the last ten years only three people have cut my hair she. I five exclusive my Guy Hawking. ACL and my Eddie. Authentic Connecticut all my behest in Detroit or people have got I detail to cut this way very quickly. Jalen rose over the course of your entire life. How much money do you think you've spent on? haircuts added altogether a million dollars at least a million dollars. Two thousand ten until now cash after-tax Jalen. It's worth it. It looks great every single time. You're on.

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