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Well you know i had the good fortune to be around here and clay with usa basketball and you know when you're up close with them and you watch them shoot it's it's it's hard to believe like how deep they can shoot it and how quick they can get it off and then oftentimes what you realize is that in transition they can pull up from anywhere probably might not be a great shot for a lot of people but for them it is i mean they they can make them so i i'd like to see those two in have shootout or shooting contest because pretty close between those two i'd like to have you and luke walton have a voice off coach it'd be close i mean this would be ali frazier mean younger guy the boy's gonna get a little deeper i think hey look terrific job with the lakers he's really good guy to congrats got homework to do which aims hard you know what i'm gonna try i think you should make him go right in yeah we're gonna why is it every left handed guy you all we always go you force him right like nobody says about a right handed guy hey more seem left right oh that's pretty good right yeah nobly you know you can make him go right all you want he's to spend back around and go left on it doesn't matter though not matter hey congrats on making appreciate you have.

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