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This. When are the Orioles energised, finally, eat it and cut Chris Davis? I mean, honest to God like really is embarrassing as I mean, honestly. The history already after starting over three Monday handed up over five. He's not had a hit now one since last September fourteenth. Has solved possession of the major league record for most consecutive at bats by position Blair without a hit. He lined out his first three times on Monday against Oakland. And then struck out. Looking and then struck out swinging. So he's over his last forty nine. Now, the crazy thing is he led the majors bagging in twenty fifteen with forty seven hummers the next season. The Orioles agreed to sign for seven years in a hundred and sixty one million dollars that was in twenty sixteen. Right. So three years later. I don't know what they're blaming. He's cleared. Well over one hundred million in his career and has a ton more coming. Here's what it says. This is funny. This one is on CBS hard not to feel sorry for him as a human being right out. My ass. Does that? I mean is that supposed to be like laughing right now. Now, I mean, honestly right right now. Now now now because I wanna puke. I feel sorry for God. Can't hit. At all. And is Megan one hundred sixty one million dollars guaranteed. He'll get every penny to get even get a hit. He's over forty nine for Christ sakes at what point do you? Just flat out finally do the Baena deal and figure out a way to pay him for the rest of his life and just get rid of him. I mean, honestly, he's an absolute hall in the lineup. They're playing with a players. There is no bat that is worth one hundred sixty one million dollars. That's over forty nine. I don't care who you are. You've got to get rid of him. Not only listen carbon last year that guy never got a hit either. I mean look at his numbers last season. One sixty eight. I mean, what do you need to know about this? Davis was an all-star finished her in the end the P boating twenty-third Dame. He had fifty two homers at one hundred thirty eight Rb is what the hell happened that guy. How is that possible that you can hit fifty two homers driving a hundred thirty eight runs and now you can't get hit? Yeah. It doesn't make a lot of sense. He really fell off the cliff very very quickly. Sometimes it just gets into. I can't even say it's a long strike. Most of them are strikeouts. You get rid of them get rid of him, you paint them. Anyway, I mean, I know basically come down to that makes no sense. Why keep him if he can't get a hit? I mean, he literally at this isn't one week. This is he hasn't had a hit since last year. It is crazy to think about fifty. You gotta get rid of him. You have to finally just eat it and say, how do we pay for the rest of your life? Let's sit down and figure this out because you're done is a major leaguer. He is so done, dude. It's not even funny. The guys has hit one sixty eight over the last year and a half as terrible. I know Vance to Chris Davis. Now, remember the guy said as a human being you're supposed to feel sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for anybody Meghan one hundred sixty dollars are either. But I am going to say that. I feel bad that the guys finished because he is he's finished. I don't count you keep that guy in your lineup. I mean, honestly, I you know, what it is. They suck so bad. Basically what they're saying is we don't care that we suck. And we're going to try them out there every day. We're paying them so much money, and we're gonna let him over five every night. And that to me is bad business decision to me. The better decision is to get rid of him and pay him. I mean, you gotta pay him. Anyway, I mean, don't you just eat it at some point? Just eat it. And you know, you're paying get rid of him paying and and take the loss. It's a lot of money, but you're getting nothing from it. Anyway, you're getting absolutely nothing from his bat. He cannot get a hit. He's over fifty whatever it is over forty nine. You gotta get rid of him. You got to get rid of him j what would you do with him? Would you just keep trotting him out there and playing or would you send them on a badge as a pinch hitter and pay him the money or would you get rid of him and cut a deal with his agent to pay him for the rest of his life? The hundred sixty million. Even deal. The Orioles are five and five. So you can't you probably have to hold onto them until you get five ten fifteen games below five hundred which is where we all expect the Orioles to be at five hundred. I mean, I guess you're still alive. We don't expect much from the Orioles. But just to cut him. A check for however, much is left eighty ninety one hundred million dollars. They won't do that. But they will do the other the alternative is to spread it out over till he's seventy years old or whatever. I don't know. It's tough spot. Can't they do that? They could legitimately do that. He agrees to it. Sure. You don't think that guy knows? He's not finished. He's finished. He can't even get a hit, bro. Pictures that have more hits than him. Honestly. I mean, John Lester double tonight. What do you need the now? I mean. Grammas a Homer to ground Hummer. And then he's got zero. Two two and a game. Right. Listen, I'm telling you. This guy's gotta go gotta go. You're over fifty. I'd be like this. I got to get rid of this guy's bad luck. It's hard to argue with you. I mean, honestly, someone explain that to me. I just don't understand it. I blame science mother. He does have to RBI's is here. He's really rig hit the ball hard tonight, by the way. Really turning the corner crest. Nice three drives her five. Keep it up. Fella. Great. Let's get an update. Here's Jay Berman. Sports flag Gotti before we get to the baseball. We have.

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