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Yuga coming up this coming Saturday, and then the following Saturday on pay per view Errol Spence versus Mikey Garcia in the Jones Mahal in Arlington, Texas, and here to talk about that. And so much more the last heavyweight to hold the undisputed heavyweight title none other than Lennox Lewis. Good to see good to see you. So right off the bat. I'd like to have you. Correct. Somebody who's working on that Garcia, Spence. Mike. Did you you're you're working on the fight? Yeah. What are you doing mixing the pre-game before for the fight before you you said you said the game before. So you have to say match match. Okay. Okay. So okay. I'm sorry. Don't turn it took. I just folk boxing. I've never done boxing prematch, the prematch coverage. Well, I think what you should take out of this is that in the four plus year history of this show. Yes, only one guest upon sitting down in the seat in the commercial break before coming on the air says you got it. Correct. Mike about something. And it's Lennox Lewis. When you went as far as as far off the flow chart as you possibly can. I actually did audition. When when he was are you wear this. Yeah. No. I worked your audition a FOX. Right. That's right. Yeah. You do remember that? Now, I do I met him on I well my talk to now. No me. We know you. That's the problem. That's true. At least that's been confirmed by Lennox Lewis. Good to see you here, sir. What do you like about the premier boxing champions and Fox Sports get together and doing this on Saturday nights, either on FOX F S one or pay per view. This is let me tell you know, all about it is actually bring in boxing back to the forefront people kind of came off boxing for little bit. And it wasn't really exciting. Wasn't a good matchups. Now, you know, FOX PBC. They're putting that together. Trying to give you good fights good match ups make boxing exciting again, bringing back old time fighters bringing back real judges bringing back what do you mean by real judges?.

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