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Because what Eddie, he was young as Champa all tamped. To me he was one of the most explosive entertaining guys you wanna see because you never know what you're GonNa do and it's to say he's I'm going here with him right now because he's explosive entertaining and you never know what he's going to. Mean both of you in that, Nahshom? You know that Song Yeah. Mike Tyson. Roy Jones. Yeah that's a lie. Exactly. Yeah. I mean the very similar in that regard that you both were so dominant over your divisions when you're in your prime that those fights were like execution, of course, why didn't I find take place back then because nobody ever saw me coming to hit back then and by the time I did he was already on the way out of box. Hit Department so. People say I. Think they say someone told them out off, forwarded me in the fight. Wasn't far off for me we've been fighting. I tell people today like they was talking about what's going on with the zone and all these fighters this and man. Hours in today's her. And I was Roy Jones. Sandwich I. Am if they told me what we'll pay twenty, million four per fight for five days we get to pick the opponents I. Don't even whereby peaking opponent Y'all call me Tim would they don't fight will wait I'm fighting it and I don't care who it is. Just tear me win fight and what we need to be. I believe. That's who I am. So when they talk about I would've fought a know if they would be for me if I if might just say. That we put that's how bad I wanted to find him. Then people love to talk though they say stupid shit make sense. But that's just that's people need something to talk about I know. But I'm just say I. I'd be willing to clear it up because I was not offered to fight back I would have been if I would have thought may I wanted to fight my? He's the owner the hit we. Say No. I'm not giving you out opportunity. I'm first of almost mall guy coming up to the HIP way division I don't belong here. Anyway I wanted to do about it. Simmons did prove I could do or see if I can do it costs sugary and try to win the light heavyweight title and he passed out. Yeah. So he didn't win it. So of course, we always want to try our challenge. Also I want to see what the Scott withdrew field cannot win the title am I really debt good a as good as I think i. Maybe I. Am this. How difficult was it to get from two hundred pounds of go all the way back down to one seventy five that was the hardest thing I ever did in my life twenty, five pounds of muscle. Put on my make don't. That's the difference. If you look at you when you fought Ruis, there was nothing to be lost. Twenty, five pounds of pure muscle so that I fight I wanNA pure heart. We Talk Yeah pure heart. Desperate people and I had people even text me call me and tell me you know I, was a fan I like you. But like you a whole lot more now because I realize what you really are. I never knew you had that big of a heart that was a big transition for you. I mean, maybe a bad transition to go from heavyweight down to light heavyweight again, because you could see physically you weren't the same because of that way cut you're struggling and that was the talk of all the commentators. What is what is happening to his body that he's going from two hundred pounds ripped. Down to one, seventy five and then competing I mean you. You must have cut an extreme amount of weight for the wake like and there was this the day before weigh ins or the day of way day before but it didn't matter because they had pulled much muscle off. So you can't. You can't put their bag right? You know what I mean. So I couldn't put that back but was was was so. Ironic about that is that as we wolf He still couldn't get me out because my mask I got off is similar to say, let me because my mouth locked on something you can't get me. OUTTA. My mind locked in a week as I probably have been. My Mind said no, WE'RE GONNA. Get this and I. Kept It. And then you went and fought him again. That's I. Probably shouldn't have Carson my body hidden came back. And I didn't have nothing meant to to get out there. Call people say, Oh, well, he get your heart town. Nobody. So I'll fight again. Sure why not but I had nothing to gain. A little bit harder. So he close is got lucky is called good but I mean box for me though I wind was one of the most impressive my career because it's the first time I've had to win a fight with strictly my heart because your body just wasn't provided with their now when you were walking around after the release fight like what did you? What did you weigh when you start cutting down for the tarver. Flight two or three to three, and how did you do it like what? What? What kind of? Crazy cardio like what were you doing to try to lose all that way? Crazy Cardio's who advocated. On we ever did. I run two sometimes three tasks day chase down Yep. That's on the way I've lost soothes the whole town. Dan what kind of impact must have had on your body? Well, that's what people feel to realize. Now hear kids talk about what we could make way too we. Don't hear me off an old school..

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