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Herbstreet in Fitzsimmons, the podcast Herbie tunnel news this week in a great world of college football with curb street. I'm ianfitzsimmonsespn and herbals begin with the news of the week where urban Meyer's retiring Ryan day is a new interim head coach your thoughts on urban. And then the future of Ohio State football Kirk where you played blood on that field. Yeah. There's been a lot of talk this week about people's impression of the fact that he stepped down and how he stepped down. And what does it mean? And a lot of people are beginning to speculate already that you know, he'll be back in two years coaching somewhere. My my initial thought was I I kind of you, and I've talked a lot in the last four or five weeks on and off the air about some of his antics on the sideline and just some of his mannerisms and just how. Different looked compared to the normal urban Meyer intensity and urban and I've spoken quite a bit in the last four or five weeks as well about just what he's been going through with the cysts in his brain. And how it's impacted him and how he's tried to pull back, and so all the tea leaves were pointing to this happening. And then they go out and blow Michigan out and a huge game and followed up week later with a winning northwestern, and he kind of had his Mojo back on the sideline looking like he normally looks. And I thought this is interesting. I wonder if this might change, thanks and sure enough obviously soon as the big ten championship is over. He had to wait 'til, gene. Smith came back from Dallas where he was busy with the playoff committee and came back Monday and urban urban probably come to grips with this five weeks ago. And maybe that was part of his sideline. Theatrics. So I I don't know I feel like. Not shocked. We lose, you know, great coach in college. Football's one a lot of games and a lot of championships, and you know, for a high state, you know, what what he was doing. Whether he was in the playoff for winning a national championship or winning a big ten championship or beating Michigan. You know, every time you went up against him. It's a it's a significant loss for Ohio State and at the same time. It's kind of weird emotion. You bring in Ryan day who is such a bright future. Whether was going to be at Ohio State or anywhere else. We get a taste of what he can do as a leader in those first three games. When over my urban Meyer was suspended and now he gets a chance to become the face of of Ohio State football. And that is that is a big job. And and one that I think he's excited to take on. And I can't wait to see how he does, and you know, on a personal level. I know both these guys I wish urban Meyer all the best in in his retirement because he's leaving Ohio State. I could. Could tell you that. I don't see him coaching. Again. You know, I think people on the outside world think Notre Dame was always his destination is dream job. And it's always been Ohio State. And now that he's kind of climbed that mountain. I think I see him becoming kind of like the next Archie Griffin in the department, meaning kind of the face of the athlete department. Hey, we're having a golf outing in Palm Springs, you know, urban Meyer goes out and beats with a bunch of boosters. Hey, were we gotta deal in Boca? Can you go down there? Yep. Heading down to Boca plan, little golf. You'll have you'll have that kind of role would be my guess, and I don't I don't we have that gig. And you're watching your son Nate play baseball at university of Cincinnati and hanging out with your daughters, and your wife, and your grandson and other grandchildren that are becoming along. I think that's his next chapter. And on the side, he'll be working in the department. So I wish him all the best on on that that's one hand on the other hand, I'm fired up to watch Ryan day become the head coach and kind of put his own spin on this football program. And I'm I'm excited to see what the future has having lunch with Bob stoops today, and we were talking about how he stepped down and felt good about Lincoln Riley being in the wings..

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