Senator Donnelly, President Reagan, Senator Donna Leon Obamacare discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


On the left and right to cut defense spending. I don't want our troops in a fair fight. I want them to have the best President Reagan said he's through strength. I'm Joe Donnelly. I approve this message. I think it's great that you want them to have the best. And I actually don't doubt that Joe. Donnelly wants them to have the best. But the to to do so you need to actually be willing to engage the spending which means you're going to have to make the cuts to other things. If you're worried about deficits. Don't argue that you're worried about deficits when you're not also willing to engage the cuts yet you recognize that military spending has to happen again odd. But it's from the very start the very start of the ad gives away the game socialists wanted her in healthcare over to the government over my dead body, stop it's over at that moment. This ad is out of control crazy. You don't want to do what? With with Madison. Socialist wanted her in healthcare over to the government over my dead body. You're the deciding vote Senator Donna Leon ObamaCare when you're in the congress, you single handedly turned over health care to the government. It was you. Like what you see your kid doing drugs? Where'd you learn to do those drugs from you dad, I learned from you? Senator Donnelly we have socialized medicine in America. Because of you beginning to end. You're worried about socialized medicine socialist,.

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