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And that idea that you can focus on on a place and Dell's deep into its history and tell a story until many stories that was the basis of Faulkner's career. So that same idea drove me as a novelist. I wrote a historical novel about my hometown of timeline. New York. I know it. Well, uh, not the town. But the novel. Um So one day Steve Nygren, who is the founder of Saralyn be took me out for a hike in the woods around Sandy, the same woods literally that John got lost in And he started showing me some of the historical markers. There are these ancient Indian carvings and terrorist land from the 19th century and everything, and I got this the exact same Sparked the same idea from him and him telling those stories as I had about my own hometown. When I started exploring that history, we started talking about documenting the history talking to the people that knew it and recording it. That conversation with Steve started driving me to do this history. And when we started a month or two later, I was I was trying to figure out how to make that happen. And once or two later this The idea of these dinners came around, and it's a well it put them together. You know, we can fund one with the other. So the documentary will look at the history and families of the Chattahoochee Hills. Community for those unfamiliar with the area. Would you describe where it's located? Yes, so Chattahoochee Hills is about 2025 miles south of the Atlanta airport. It's beautiful farm, country, cows and in horse country about and it's odd in that it's still Kind of metro Atlanta, but it is uniquely rural for being that close in, and it's in fact, a few years ago through a lot of interesting legislative work. It incorporated as a city and a name, but it is very much just beautiful world Georgia. Lot of the families have stayed. Serendip is located in the middle of that the oral history will be about kind of everything that isn't ceremony. So you're honoring the community of which they are based. Party. Yeah, Nick, you touched upon diverse city. Of the chefs. How did that factor into Those who wanted to award and highlight at the dinner. It was very important to us that it wasn't just the usual lineup of people which chefs is a very tight knit community. I guess we all kind of see each other as brethren. In most cases. Atlanta has a particularly close group of chefs. I think we all respect each other, and we all try to look out for one another. But it was really more than an individual decision. I think it was just a kind of a groupthink. Situation. I know for me. I just wanted it to be as good a cross section of the talent as possible. One person in particular that I think so highly of and she's you know, very young up and coming. Claudia Martinez. Her name is she's a pastry stuff that was very important for me to see her shine in this Because just for the effort that she's made, I mean, if you look at her work, she is so unbelievably talented and dedicated. And you know, I've been 26 years in the kitchen is very hard. It's a hard road, you know. So the little things like that are so big. I loved seeing the different Southern fusion that many of this chef's incorporate into their menu. Send food selections such as Brian SOS Korean Southern Fusion and Parnaz Savants. Thai food with Southern ingredients. How have such chefs changed the way people view food? You know, things can be incorporated into all different type of cuisine sculptures, my favorite French cuisine myself. I have to say I've been cooking a lot of collard greens since I've been back in therapy. Hala Francis says with lots of bacon and butter, of course. Well, it really is a very ambitious project. You've embarked upon Nick, you competed in season 13 of the Food Network's beat Bobby Flay with a unique twist on the fritter. For listeners who didn't watch that episode. What was your unique twist? Well, it was basically a twist on a French dish that I grew up eating. Which is bond out Demery, which is like, uh, Salt cod whipped with potatoes and garlic. And, uh, I thought that rather than have it as a spread or something to dip, I thought it would be nice to have this kind of a freighter. I do a crab fritter. That's probably one of my biggest items here at the farmhouse. And I thought, you know, rather than just do something with crab. I thought I could throw a little Ranch into his works. Uh unfortunately, is a very good competitor. And I'm as my wife put it. This is the last time you're doing this. Oh, It was a good time. You know, I flew my goodness. I flew from California to New York City and started cooking at five in the morning, New York times So I thought I did. Okay. You did very well, indeed. And how can you go wrong with potatoes and bought her and a fritter? Darren Wong, chef Nick Bohr. Thank you against so very much. Thank you Honor to talk to you. Thank you for having us last try Foliate Awards producer Darren Wong and Chef Net bore. The executive chef and VP of food and beverage at Serin be the first event is September 19th and Honor Chef going to Sacre. More information will appear on our website. W A. B e dot org slash city. Light Support for Abhi comes from the High Museum of Art called her Picasso opens on June 26th presenting more than 100 sculptures, paintings and.

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