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You something. We this show the home An appliance show has in common with Renee Stove never simmering, always cooking at full speed. 6 15 in the morning Saturday, and the next segment of the home and appliance show is brought to you by Sharon's heating and air conditioning and I know them well. 40 years ago, this lady walked into my business and said, I'm starting a heating and air conditioning company. This was a woman. In a man's world Well, 40 years ago Until now, she's got over 100 employees. They're very well known Laura located and follow ville and in West Land, and they've got a great special on the furnace. Checking and air conditioning. First of all, if you have your furnace looked at, checked out for carbon monoxide and so forth. It's $109. Bill. If you mentioned Joe Gammon and Donald the Hammer Schuster, they knock off $10 right on the spot. Then they take your model number and you see here a number of your furnace. On. They send that to Detroit Edison, DTE or Consumers Energy and that utility send you a check for $50 are no. I've been through the whole thing. I've got to check for $50 and It's a specialist still going on through Christmas and into next month of January that sharing heating and air conditioning phone number 7344 to 5 14 15 734. 4 to 5 14 15. When we come back, we're gonna be talking to Mike from Chesterfield and we could be talking to you. You just got to give us a call it 808 590 w r at 808 59095 stomach. I am Donald. Hammer. Schuster and we are just moments away from the next segment on the home and Appliance still with consumer advocate and appliance Doctor Jokinen on Newstalk, 7 60 W. J. R. It's.

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