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California unveiling P s a surging people that get the vaccine when they're able when their time comes up. This is what you're going to hear all over the radio and TV In the coming weeks, Cupid 19 vaccines have arrived. They've been recommended by California's top medical experts because they've been proven to be highly effective. That's the thing they're going to try to convince people go ahead and get it. Don't turn it down. When your time comes up. This is part of a new what the governor just called a few minutes going all hands on deck approach that the California is launching, utilizing just about everybody with medical training. Dennis Midwives National guard. Anybody who can help give the shots as they open up these maximum mass vaccination sites Dodger Stadium country's biggest covert testing site tonight, shutting down opening Friday as a vaccination site and the God of a couple minutes ago, saying that's not gonna be the only one speeding up the administration, not just priority groups. But also now opening up large sites to do so, meaning Dodger Stadium. Padre Stadium. Cal Expo these large mass vaccination sites. California's not alone either other states opening up MLB parks, Football stadiums State Farm Stadium in Arizona, home of the Cardinals and the 40 Niners for last couple weeks. Becoming a 24 7, Mass vaccination site, New York They say that they believe they're going to be moving so quickly that they're going to need more vaccine. But California 2.2 million doses have been delivered on Lee 800 death 1000 given, so there's plenty of California to to go around for right now as a try to speed this up and Dodger Stadium. As of tonight, they begin that transformation into being a vaccination site away from a testing site. The individual states have the Have the ability to to follow. The CDC guidelines were not when it comes to coming up with the tears and the phases and stages of who's gonna get the shot on. I understand that Gavin Newsom talk about that today and just in terms of they're still working on the specifics of who comes next. That's the thing. Yes. So we're in phase one right now ended two. Phase one and Phase one B. And as we move into these later stages that it will become 75. Plus, you'll bring in teachers and other first responders who haven't gotten it yet, And they're just going to need more space and the way it's being done right now, at least on the large scale isn't really gonna work. Where you know you have folks going out. L, a fire stations or the individual nursing homes, and then you've got other nursing homes waiting because they haven't gotten anything so they've got to figure out how they're going to do it. And that's why now it is Petco Park. It is Dodger Stadium. It is Cal Expo Arena. It is Cardinals Stadium in Arizona because they've got to have this this one stop area when the group's get so big But beyond one A and one B California hasn't really figured out it's still being debated. They've got the framework that the state wants to be done, but then they've got to get that certified to say, OK, this is the way it's going to go. But the next step will be 75 Plus. Then they will go down to 65 plus than 50 or 55 from there of the age groups going down, but adding in teachers and first responders and telecommunications folks, all being added in as the group's go forward. How are the companies that are producing the vaccines doing when it comes to production? Are they giving up? Yeah, I mean, they say that they're doing well and they're doing what they need to do. The issue with warp speed operation Warp speed was They got it produced very quickly. But then it was this last mile is they're calling it of OK, They got it to the states. And then there's been a little bit of a hang up here, and they're even getting into the states. But once they got it to the states where we know California's got it right now, 2.2 million doses, but less than half of that has actually been put in the arms. And and the debate of how much do you hold back for second doses? Or do you say okay, that is coming, So let's go ahead and use that 2.2 million. But it is that that last mile that is not vaccine or Moderna or whatever other makers in the coming months. We're gonna come out with it where it's got actually be delivered into the arms, but the companies say that they are producing it right now. 24 hours a day. They're shipping it out to states and they say, then the state's got to give it and then that's really where we come in tow what the governor was talking about today. Alex, as always, great work. Thank you. You guys rock later, Alex Stone there with the latest on this. I had this thought just because we can't do Disneyland anymore. You know, they do have the single rider line that you get to cut to the front of line. Basically, if you get a pass, and you go on, and you're there by herself. As we go farther down these tears there will be people 75 older, for example. Who did who didn't get it when they're tear came up? There's got to be some sort of fast pass where if you have four lanes of traffic going into Dodger Stadium for people to get their their vaccine If you were one of the higher tier groups, you jump straight to the front of that line, give them priority. There's a reason why they were the top tier. Anyway. I would also like to highlight the fact that any hypothetical that begins with Because we can't do Disneyland. It could go anywhere like I didn't know if we were going to be wearing Mickey years tomorrow. I didn't know if you wanted, you know, gumbo from New Orleans Square tomorrow. I didn't know if you wanted to play pirates. I want a rice krispie treat the size of my thigh. Hey, I could probably do that that Zach could make that happen. You know, since we can't do Disneyland blank there's so many ways Rice Krispie treat the size of my thigh. You want to teach me really hot tea cups. It's like 10 30 at night. You want to dress as Disney princesses out again now because they, Michelle, take a picture of that, and then that's on the Internet forever. Jason, Everything's going to join us in just a couple minutes. We're talking about a new era in jeopardy starts tonight, He actually talked with the guy who's gonna be the first guest host. Oh, that's cool. We also have 1000 bucks to give away more good news and testicles. You're a mansion and we're not giving those away. Gary, Indiana will continue right after this. Amy came to gorillas at the San Diego Zoo have apparently tested positive for covert 19 marking the first human Dave transmission in the state governor Newsome says a few other gorillas have symptoms. But having been gotten test results back yet houses move forward with impeaching President Trump for a second time. Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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