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Because he is on the irr. So i mean if i could steal him away. Maybe i give up Sterling shepherd. I throw in somebody with some potential in there Be added a tough decision but as far as value goes if i could get courtroom sutton for a second round pick. I would do that in an instant. He just i would too. Yeah he just. He's he's a big play threat. He's a big stronger sieber and he somebody that i can put on my lineup. And at least he's not gonna completely dud like as long as jerry judy's not back. He's still the number one target there. With noah fan. So i i would trade it a second round pick from now and kind of rely on him as a flex I might actually be making some offers after. We finished the episode. I do have But biased towards Whereas they don't have any shares jerry. Judy i loved the dude by it is so expensive. I feel like but yeah we. We're talking like two years for queer Got his injury injury. These owners were watching similar stuff. Who were to what they're wanting for judy. Now and look two years lehrer I mean not a lot nestle chains and still seems like he's putting up similar production as you had that one big year but he's two years old ran out of as significantly gone down for world in sutton is all about finding those discrepancies. You know guys that were once high now. Had ibo samuel us another day. You pretend you said top five rec- rive in all in on the season. The last couple of weeks especially before his injury last season where he kind of did do as much after injury after a super bowl. You could give i throw a for deebo samuel. They were saying now no way and like after that injury like before this season i think they would have accepted. I you said your first Chart done like even injuries. Their price significantly draws out to us goes down just like some guys insight for you guys but anyways there is. let's let's go tight emphasising next Discuss we spent a lot of time on other staff. You did mention cadavers. Tony's another winner of numerous wall on mark eastbound believe Again live receiver position. An avian next tiger bus some losers at the by receiver position. I'm really wanna spend some time on the tight end Because mantle mandal landscape this percent changes. We can out. So i'll let you started. Some weavers are some losers at the position. Yeah one of my. Losers is tj considered right. Now he's still six tight end overall and that's based off his first two weeks he had twenty one points sixteen points and then the last weeks. He hasn't scored double digits. So i mean it's it's been feast or famine for him and he's a guy that i think. A lot of people were expecting to finish top four. I know you said you would compete for the number one overall tight end position. Yeah it's not over you know. But he's he's a guy that he just hasn't been getting the targets. What i was concerned about after the baltimore game. The first two weeks against san francisco in green bay. He had eleven target nine targets. Yet eight receptions both weeks and then against baltimore dipped all the way down to two targets in two receptions and something concern me was have these defenses figured out how to stop tj hopkinson. And i've got to say after three straight weeks of dodd performances that they have..

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