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Nobody cares the braun goal where you think your last five years you can build around the best young players who you can grow with i think that's in los angeles i saw this the broncos traded a keep to leave the rams rams making a lot of moves that a separate story but here's what's interesting so the rams have gone out and gotten a keep tilley markets peters is it's sam shield who is a corner a couple of years ago for green bay yeah good blair sam shields they have massively upgraded their secondary the weakness of their team san francisco brings in garoppolo late last year philadelphia adds michael bennett washington upgrades at quarterback the giants at alec ogle tree and have the number to peck green bay got twelve draft picks crickets and they may lose klay matthews and brian blaga to uh you know cap casualties they really or luc jouret jordy nelson coups been injured a couple of times wouldn't you give a pick if you were green bay up for a keep to labour markets peters i mean green bay has got twelve draft picks great so aaron rogers is going to have to babysit twelve new peace twelve interns twelve kids brand new into the league i mean congrats to the packers for owning day three of the draft nine pigs in the final four rounds up but i mean you look at the rams already good philadelphia already good washington giant san francisco.

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