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The top three I think I think they're number why they might. Be the number one richest football program, athletics program in the country money's no object money apparently is not but winning is an. Object and they can't seem to find a way. To do it and I don't understand how that's possible to me I look back at when they needed a new coach and you know how every year there's usually like one ace. Coach, that is available and you can get like an urban. Meyer Nick Sabin type yeah damn but. Type that year that they needed a. New coach I thought there. Was nobody like great no guarantee available, and I think that's what? We're seeing now that this is Tom Herman, is that his name yeah I think he's just an average coach I think he's just like when they got Charlie. Strong just an average coach I was, disappointed they didn't get Charlie strong enough time he really was trying to recreate the culture. The gave them three years nothing was happening and. You know you can look back at Nick saban's career, and find that what he took over a team you're number two you saw a difference things started naming urban Meyer things started Ones they get? It done real quick yeah and they can't seem to do it. At the university of Texas I don't understand what is going I wondering they lose to Maryland again which really they shouldn't have they? Were ranked twenty third now they're not even going to be in the top twenty five again this? Is one of the. Biggest schools in. The country the richest. Program in the country and they can't even become one of the top twenty five, so I got to wonder what is. Taking, place. At the university behind the scenes why do people not. Want to go there is here's the, problem you have. Too many mediocre seasons in a row and people start thinking well you, know what I'd rather? Go, play for someplace where I'm going to. Get seen do you think any of it has to, do with that argument. Of now a.. And m. is in the best conference. The SEC do you think they're poaching away. Some players because the SEC. Is perceived to be the better, conference that's a good question I don't know I am just they they wanted to walk this. Week and although, that was kind of. A preseason game it was. Kind of Shero game yeah I bet everybody who's, paying JIMBO Fisher that big. Money is God my whole job was, on the line. But we won that's. All we needed but then they have Alabama on the way they have Clemson next, week number two and number one. On the way. So they're playing they're playing for it all. Here very quickly I think if I'm a college football, player and I'm I think the sexiest league hands down. Is the SEC and when you can live in Texas and just go to tech Sanam and, being the SEC even though, you should know you're never going to win the title as long. As Nick Sabin is? There Yeah Or the that? Division, yeah. Yeah or LSU is? There. Yeah I think it's a no brainer to. Go. There I the only thing, is you, know UT still isn't a cool city for. Kids, yeah Considered a cool place college station. Not. So much I don't have any problem with. BCS, I liked it I lived there. For a, couple years I thought it was a great I know but in. The eyes of. Eighteen, year old yeah think. Austin and sixth. Street, that appeal. Sam yeah but that's all it appeals to I mean I gotta say sixth street. Is is eighteen to nineteen year olds that's about? It well that's, there you go that's your demographic yeah. I know but, I with you the fact. That Texas can ever not win ten games, unacceptably why can Ohio State managed to pull it. Off because they're really it should be UT, in Ohio State they're to me they're comparable except show differences Ohio State actually has a good football program. Whereas. UT. Seems to be mediocre. Year. After year now they've won a couple of. National. Championships but you gotta go nineteen sixty, nine and what two thousand five or two. Thousand And six I, don't remember Charlotte that's an awfully big gap in. Between and and they had one other opportunity, they lost Alabama and I'm I actually think that if Colt McCoy hadn't gotten hurt I think they probably would have won that. I'm with you. On that now since then they can't. Seem, to recruit winner I. Can't remember was there a coach inbetween trestle and urban Meyer was there a slump in their guy couldn't. See that's the thing if you don't. Get the great coach yeah. Right off the bat you go in a slump look at. Michigan even, though they lost this week before they had Jim, Harbaugh they add. That. Brady Hoke or whatever he. Was. A, flop down. Notre, Dame's gonna flop until they got who's not chip Kelly but anyway the guy that got now on. The hot seat but they look okay Harbaugh's on a. Hot seat yeah now Notre Dame yeah but I just I thought the. Year that they were looking for coach at Texas needed a coach there wasn't any great options what they wanted. To, say they, tried, to get our. Brows at the time, and he didn't leave they try to get everybody and their mother to go. To the university. Of Texas, and nobody wanted to go well it's true Nick Sabin Mom said she did. Receive a phone call to? Come coach the Longhorn well I don't know. What their problem is I don't know why they keep coming up short like. That it just. Doesn't make sense and, I would, like to know? If it's because of maybe the alumni digits people. Behind the scenes. Who keep screwing it up maybe nothing. More, annoying than people who. Interfere behind the scenes coach will tell you did you ever see the movie Friday night lights movie back. In two thousand yeah couple of scenes. In there with the alumni. Or trying to manipulate the coach can you imagine what that's. Like when, there's now millions of dollars at stake and now, it's a university. And. You're the poor sap who's. Got. A, coach deal. With, these idiots over here who probably are passing out cash envelopes to people and that's going to cost. You everything if they get caught you can't control all. Of that but you're going to be the guy who gets blamed for. It I remember Phil Knight the founder of Nike there was rumor that not only in his in his suite. Could, he hear. The coaches Playcalling but there is? Also. Rumor that he got to call one play a game really for org for. Oregon I had how insane is that if that is true I wouldn't surprise, I had a gentleman in church years ago Fred Pruitt Fred was massively big man and he played for bear Bryant at Alabama and he told me the story, said when they were recruiting me out. Of high school and, this is in the sixties there, recruiting high school he said bear Brian came into my living room. And on the coffee table he laid out. Ten one hundred dollar bills and said there's plenty more where. That came from it yeah Van last. Year Have you people know. What that's, like so yeah that's the way. They do it I know they claim that. Doesn't happen anymore I I'm a little soft, and believing that, but you know, maybe it doesn't but, whatever it takes I can't figure out why UT can at least cheat their way to. A competitive team there's nobody. At that state I felt, bad for Maryland their play at the, old RFK stadium I believe was, that down now I. Think it is I drove by that by that I drove by that a number of times I. Was in Washington, I kept thinking? Where's the handle so. You, can flush yeah because it just the place was a toilet, is a toilet and I noticed. Nobody was there and that's obviously. That's a big they're playing a huge name in. College football yet nobody was. There still one it's, a huge name but not have. Really team names don't necessarily add up to that much Laura ingram Apologizing apologize we don't say. Something incorrect when the other side is trying to racial is something they should issue. The apology I would demand that Andrew gillum and all. These people they should apologize Laura Ingram until two on news..

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