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True today of seven sixty the attorney general's currently being grilled what's now William bar said quote spine did occur in origins of Trump Russia investigation. What's next? So that's the story. The attorney general is saying that Trump campaign was spied on by the then current administration is a big one day em seven sixty talk and breaking news. The Armstrong and Getty show. Here. You don't welcome. Fail. The gentle strings of brothers, for example. Trying to figure out how to turn down the volume TV in the lunchroom. Somebody's got the volume cranked up so loud lunchroom pump, it pump planum inmate trying to hear it over microwave very loud. Very important here. The news here not at about walking tubs at a very high volume. That's probably not necessary. There's your freedom woman quote of the day from Justice. William Douglas this twice William bitcoin. I love this. I love it. I love it since when have we Americans expected the bow submissively to authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us. A love that. That's why we'll generally when we talked with Senator. We'll greet him. Senator. How are you mind? If we call you, Jim. Almost always say, yes, they're name isn't Jim confused. My name is.

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