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'cause he takes the best content on his sarim. Simon chris and corey were there to swear that chris inquiry are getting married. They better honestly on my way over here. I was getting myself so worked up because like the first thing that happened when i open my phone. This morning was a carousel photos of corey gamble. Smoking a cigar four different photos of the same thing. And i was just like just this man like him and chris literally relationship goals. They seem so happy so like healthy not toxic like i just fucking stand. I don't them to get married. You know what like everything's perfect. Don't ruin it. I love this man. And i love these together. I love them so much i agree. I don't need them to get married. It didn't really cross my mind before because also like none of the girls really or married are married or getting married. He's like half yes she's only while she's the only one so i don't need them to but i agree like just chris and corey appreciation. Moment there everything krizan. Corey is one of my favorite follows on instagram. same and like i just. I can't really put into words. How i feel about corey gammel. I think he's so gorgeous his face anyone will. I love him second of all. I think he's such a you. It takes a very strong man to be to stand behind a powerful woman and he is just. They're supporting support support. What can i do who can help. Who can i taking the car. He is just not then. He is just a dream man. I'm sorry i love him. And i think that honestly like it's the healthiest relationship i've seen in pop culture. I'm serious no. I completely agree. And when they announced it we were all like who what what if you had told me. What has it been now. Like six years right I dunno whatever if you told me. Then that like. Chris and corey would be not only like the power is to power couples but like the most healthy kardashian relationship. I would have laughed in your face. Yeah and here. I am standing corrective standing corrected. I agree so it's a pleasure to see them living life. It's a pledge. I'm living life. What's the coordinate. What did she say this lipoic life. It's a sound. yeah and also. There's a toxin that i've been loving and i just found out what it's from. You're gonna love it to me. I let me see. If i can find out so would kill me. Please kill me. i'm asking yet. I'm begging not asking locked in a cage with all the wreck sets cracks. Oh cameras inanity. Obviously just out what that sound was from an everytime in the city. I'd like cage other rats..

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