Florida, Palm Beach County, President Trump discussed on Michael Medved


Is unhinged narrative and headline from the USA today says it Trump claims Florida voters wore disguises latest in pattern of conspiracy theories. Well, it seems like something you read that. And you think what's the president doing? He's talking about people in disguises. Is that true? Does sound a little weird. Right. So like most unsubstantiated claims leveled by Donald Trump his allegations of fraud in the high stakes recount in Florida started with the tweet. And then that was when he said there's a big corruption scandal in Florida. He said, there are massively infected ballots and the Democrats trying to falsify the election. Okay. So that is the start of what do USA today describes a conspiracy theory. Now, let's take a look at the reports. Florida Palm Beach recount is missing a substantial number of votes. It's the story in the daily caller by amber, Athey, and. Palm Beach county is missing votes. The the recount that. They did came up way short are many many fewer votes coming up in the recount and officials. Don't know why. So is it a crazy conspiracy to say that maybe something weird's going on when you have? You know, Palm Beach county, Democrats are recounting, and and people are in some areas. I don't know if it was Palm Beach on some areas of Florida that found votes and other areas they're having coming up with massive shortfalls. Now, maybe there's an honest explanation for this. But the fact that the president thinks that there's something weird going on when we know the history of Florida is that really a conspiracy theory. So then he goes on to say this. He says that. That the election that people, you know, they get in line. He's talking to the daily caller when he said this people get in line, they come out, and they go back in and they can put on a different hat, and and and go back in that's described as a conspiracy. Do you think that ever happens? I don't I don't think there's massive voter fraud going on with people putting on hats, and you know, going in a circle, but an offhand comment like that interview is a way for the president to express his frustration with the fact that there are on the democrat side people don't want anyone to have to show an ID when they go into the polls. That's the kind of thing. I would say if I were having a bar conversation with someone I would say, why would you not have voter ID people could just go out.

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