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Is they don't want I'm Chad power. Our top story. The D. A will charge two teenagers as adults, and they deadly arson. More on that story coming up first to check on traffic with Aaron Copland. Was very calm compared to what we had most of the afternoon 2 to 5 is finally wide open and back to normal speeds. After being a closed and slow for most, the afternoon eastbound I 70 we have some construction earn around Quebec, so watch for delays back to Colorado. I 25 is in good shape. No real problems there, one off freeway problem at 13th and Sheridan and say Carver's a motorcycle watch for emergency vehicles there. I'm Darren Copeland on K Away News radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio app box 31 pinpoint whether partly cloudy Tonight. Low 35. Increasing clouds tomorrow with the chance of showers later in the day High 63 but then tomorrow night rain showers will turn to snow showers. Right now it is 48 degrees. Our top story on K O A news radio Two teenage suspects in an arson fire that killed a family of five will be tried as adults. Denver D. A. Beth McCann will try 16 year Olds Kevin Boy and Gavin Seymour with 60 felonies. Including murder, attempted murder, assault and arson. The two and a 15 year old you're accused of starting the fire that killed five members of a single least family at their home in Green Valley Ranch. Three other survived the fire by jumping from second story windows. The arrest affidavits are sealed The D A says they'll ask to have the 15 year Olds. Case transferred from juvenile Court to District Court. Laura Hatch Keohane news radio.

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