Shanahan, Justin, Both discussed on NFL: Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah & Bucky Brooks


Players at the position. They have the medicine in the arm telling to be able to make every throw in the book. And if they can't make you throw they can run in by time or pick up first downs with their feet. And when i look at trae lance in justin feels both of those guys have that ability. And i just think it would be so much by shanahan to really get in the lab and let his imagination go while with the last or feels as his. Qb one. i think that would be the way to have a particularly after you give up all those pits at both those guys really really power. The football at their pro days you see the size that they bring to the table as well as the athleticism that was evidence when we watched them work out art. We we've talked about kind of these top or bags in what could take place here in the top. Three picks Let's go outside that from the pro circuit. Why don't you give me a name outside. The first round guys a quarterback that maybe health himself in a day how about the senior bowl. Mvp kellerman gem on someone who is content like is on the rise. He's on the rise because the more you study is game. what is you like about. The fact that he's an experienced player made his way into the national football league. He played in jimbo..

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