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Guess it depends on how healthy I can keep myself relevant. I keep myself. I'm definitely working less more style now with the character you know, and it's it's a blessing to because this is also plays it conventions or plays autograph signings like it doesn't actually have to be in the ring. What I did it all in was did a run in with a full entrance, you know, not the most physically demanding wrestler there is. So, I mean, I guess as long as I can stay healthy because you know, I guess that's the key. Did you go to college? I went to college junior college for about two years. What we're going to study. I was undecided. So I said to this and I went and did professor sling, we're gonna stood more UNESCO average CB I wasn't no honor rolls or anything. I was very shy. So I wasn't in any clubs or any like extracurriculars. I played baseball and high school a little bit turned you on a Russian. I was always a fan growing. Up three older brothers. So I started watching wrestling very young and actually one of my earliest memories is being about six years old and watching wrestlemainia too, with my family on pay per view. And Jake, the snake snake wrapped around believe George wells neck and he started foaming at the mouth and I'm six years old and I'm watching this, and I'm so captivated in like scared and like so many emotions like I was hooked like wrestling had me at that moment. I grew up a fan. So obviously the attitude are hits and everybody's a fan and I meet other wrestling fans at high school in high school that I have now in college, nineteen years old twenty almost twenty. We go to WB at the time at in Anaheim pond. Maybe it was rumble, even I think that they didn't want that ninety nine something like that. So we get a flyer for an independent show. We'd never even heard of independent. We didn't know it existed. We didn't know anything about it. So we get a fire that someone pass out. So we decided to check it out and we go and we have so much fun. We love it. It's so it's wrestling, but it's like stressing that we've never seen before, like in source. We're so like so intimate, you know, and so now we're hooked on independent wrestling. And then one of my friends kind of investigates the website of the of the place and finds the wrestling school and he's like, hey, Louis. I mean, we did backyard wrestling too. I think everybody almost everybody did that was my age in that era. But so we all backyard wrestling together. So we're like, hey, why don't we sign up and take real classes together? And so three of the signed up, one of us never went. After signing up in the other one bashes wanna push for it did about a year, but it was everyone's different. It was hard on his body. Never really never built a tolerance for it. You know, he was. He was heard a lot, so he kind of faded out and then I just kept going man. What do you do in your spare time travel? You work in a lot. You really busy, but what is joy ran Mike, do ain't got nothing to do or hobbies. I love baseball, a big angels fan, which is tough these last years, but I love baseball in general. So I'll watch any of it like, you know, hooked on the playoffs right now, even though my teams out of it. I big movie fan. I watch a lot of movies. I go to Disneyland quite often because I grew up with it and it's here and it's kind of a fountain of youth for me. I go there and I feel young. So I just try to guess just keep myself entertained want to year off. It was also talking to you, man. Of enjoyed your stuff. And I wish you safe travels and a busy schedule. Yeah, I appreciate that. And before we leave working, people find you on social media, whether it's Twitter, Instagram, whatever Twitter, I'm at Joey, Ryan, online, Instagram at Joey, Ryan as wrestling tease dot com. Slash Joey Ryan for merchandise and. I've a documentary that's coming out about me soon that we spoke of the mkx Foley thing earlier. Last year I had a camera guy follow me around 'cause he wanted to do documentaries, independent wrestling, and he picked me. So we follow me around..

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