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Honest opinion Canadian authorities looking for two teenagers once considered missing now considered suspects in the murders of three people including an American woman who was traveling with her boyfriend China decent her boyfriend Lucas Fowler were found shot to death by a highway in British Columbia and now Canadian police say to teenagers on the run are the suspects eighteen year old briars Miguel ski and nineteen year old camel clout they're burned out vehicles found abandoned on a roadway China's brother British told fox news it was bitter sweet to see surveillance video of his sister hugging her boyfriend at a gas station before she died right but you're still gonna come back and watch our to all go on a trip because that was the last thing I was texting her about and it just doesn't feel like she's not there and it is the soul of a woman he says the search for the suspect is delaying the family's ability to greet Jessica Rosenthal fox news the justice department has announced its opening an anti trust investigation of major tech companies no specific companies were mentioned but use the terms to search social media and retail companies an apparent allusion to Google Facebook and Amazon a beverage company executive says a school district is rejecting his offer to pay overdue school lunch bills the head of a coffee company says a Pennsylvania school district won't let him pay off more than twenty thousand dollars in overdue lunch bills look Coleman CEO Todd Carmichael says he made the offer after the district sent letters to parents warning their children could end up in foster care if they don't pay their late bills a spokesman for the Philadelphia based company says officials at Wyoming valley west school district say the money is owed by parents who can afford to pay child welfare officials criticized the letter the school promising up less threatening overdue notice would be issued rich Dennison fox news Wall Street at the close the Dow the Dow gained one seventy seven the nasdaq added forty seven the S. and P. rose twenty.

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