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Most high maintenance. In the automotive industry. I I do have to. I mean, oh, my garage is very small and Alfie knows that I was at an awards banquet that he had this summer for his employees, and they gave me an award which is here. That they gave me they go you're going to need this. You're going to need this in within the next few weeks. Anyway. So here it is on us. Put it on yourself pal. It is a it's a great thing. You know, the the Chevy dealer group too. I want to mention that too. Because you mentioned. He'll firm into my own all those guys who who put make sure that all the Chevy guys are properly manage marketed and serviced in all of that. The is I've been honored enough to be with you your gas at a number of the Chevy dealers through. Was Indiana dealership group what a fun group of people? I have never had more fun. And I got body served at one of these events. I just wanted. Never did that with Cochran. I dunno whatever it goes on there. But that was more dealers. Yeah. That's exactly that was hey, come on. I care about what to wait. All right. John L, fair veg. Congratulations. Dealer of the year that is for the United States of America right there. Time magazine says that Jennifer virgin apple Chevrolet is the most community minded outreach and responsible dealership when it comes to taking care of the community around. It is in America in America. That's a big deal. Congratulations on that. Thanks row. Thanks, anna. Glad to be here. All right. Let's check in with Kim. Gordon was coming up at the bottom of the hour frost quakes hitting Chicago will explain and luckily in WGN traffic, there's only a few problem areas out there because everything's so quiet from people staying home in well, MAC lake avenue. Westbound from layer meet harms closed due to a water main break out in Griffith, Indiana..

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