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And I guess, you know, the comeback is very difficult, perhaps due to his age or just because of the nature of the beast itself. So we don't know what kind of season Federer is in store for next year. How much of him will we're going to be able to see it's a real shame. I have a sneaking suspicion, labor cup, 2022 is in London. I think he's going. I think he's going out then. Yeah, this for me is about him going out on his terms more than, you know, obviously more than him coming back and winning a Grand Slam and putting him himself ahead in the race against Djokovic to Dow. I think everyone, even the most Ardent fed fans that are past that. But certainly I think everyone wants to see him come back and go out on his terms. Now what that looks like is I'm not quite sure, but for me, I feel like that ends at the labor cup, something started and created. And it's part of his legacy. So I feel like that is a natural moment to come to go out, especially if, you know, he can't get back out on the court at center court at Wimbledon. I think the other thing we've got to recognize also is the fact that his ranking is going to drop considerably the more the more time he spends off the court. So, you know, he's going to need probably wild cards, I guess to get back onto the tour. He'll obviously be able to I guess play with a protected ranking. So I think there are all these kind of factors that play once he is able to, you know, get back out on a tennis court and feel like he is return. Feel like he is going to return. I still think we will see that, but time is I think very going to be very, very limited going forward. And to finish up today, Joel, we've had the WTA awards nominations announced for the end of season awards. So we've got certain categories. Player of the year, newcomer of the year, most improved player of the year. Come back player of the year and double steam of the year. So these will be announced, I think, in December, which is exciting, they've got a ceremony at St. Petersburg in Florida. I mean, what do you make of the nominations? Is the nominees? I should say who are you picking for each of those scatterers? If we were doing passing shots, additions of these awards, who would you? I think there are some that are quite obvious for me, player of the year, as party and doubles team of the year critique Verne's signac. Newcomer, most improved in comeback, I feel like a most interesting, because on newcomer of the year, they do have emerging on there. And I know we had a bit of an argument before recording about whether she should have been on there because I think there are players who had shown consistently more across the season than emirati, who obviously has probably hit the highest of highs, particularly in this group of nominations. But I'm certainly looking more, I think someone like a Clara torsen who I think consistently and more evenly across the season is, I think for me, kind of proved herself as I would put as newcomer of the year. Most improved. I feel like you've got to go somewhere like Paola pado or on shibo or cultivate because of the run at the end of the season. And then come back pair of the year is an interesting one, because you've got Suarez Navarro vegan and I would probably go on results wise probably go cognac, but the colossal is Navarro's story in general coming back from cancer is very, very has been very, very impressive in itself. So I think there's certainly different ways you can look at it. Yeah, absolutely. I know what you mean about RADA Kano, she has obviously that amazing tournament at the U.S. open, but I think consistency across the year someone like a clarissa and or even Lee, I love a bit of Anne Lee. I think consistently across the tour, I think they would be more deserving, but I do feel that radically will probably win it because the most amazing win in the champion four exhibition. Yeah. I think player of the year I think Barty you know, it's hard to look beyond her because although of late, you know, she hasn't really done much her win at Wimbledon and she has the most titles this year. So I think absolutely fair do's. Most improved, yeah, I think, really, I mean, Annette's conservative of late, but otherwise I would probably also say, yeah, be dosa or critique. And there's quite a lot in that category I think that's quite enough one. Doubles team of the year, I think that I think I would go with the checks as well, cheekiness and Jakob, I think they've been a star stellar team. Not going to go with Sam Stosur, Kim? Oh, well, I know you would love you love your sams days at 8 year. You should be proud she's made it onto that short list. Oh my gosh. Yes. Oh my gosh, yes. Well, we'll see. We'll see. We'll see how we'll see how our guesses do. Not long, I guess to find out until the winners of those awards. But we're going to wrap it up here for our latest catch up with the passing shot. A couple of announcements from passing shot headquarters. We have we're always obviously looking for feedback and we're interested to hear from listeners about the show this season looking forward to 2022. So we've put a link in the description to our passing shot 2021 survey. It's a couple of questions. It will take a couple of minutes. It's all anonymous..

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