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In the early morning hours of Sunday March Nineteenth nineteen twenty seven thirty two year old Route Snyder and her lover Jet Gray bludgeoned Albert Snyder to death while he lay sleeping in bed the attempted to cover up the murder by making. It look like a robbery gone bad. The when police arrived the next morning and questioned ruth. Her story quickly unraveled by Monday morning. She had confessed naming thirty four year. Old Judd as the murderer route also told police where to find him he had taken the train to Syracuse New York. Shortly after the murder when Judd reached syracuse he immediately met with a friend had in gray. I told him that he had gone to Roots House in Queens village but while he was there to robbers broke into the house jude claimed he hit while the robbers attacked hacked ruth and her husband when he emerged from his hiding place. He found the house empty. Except for. Albert's dead body. He fled the home home fearing he'd be blamed for the murder. Had An apparently bought the story and vowed to keep judd secret he then invited Judd to his home for dinner. The men had several drinks and spend the evening playing marbles with having children before leaving that night judd promised to return to visit them the the next day then. He went back to his hotel he was just about to go to bed. When the Syracuse police arrived? To question him him job was taken to the Syracuse police station. During questioning he maintained that he hadn't left Syracuse recused since Friday evening evoked confident that the business trip provided him with the perfect alibi but while he was being interrogated a hotel oh made begin the process of cleaning his room when she emptied out the trash bin. She found a torn ticket stub from his Sunday morning train ride from Grand Central Station into Syracuse. She immediately turned the RIP ticket over to the authorities during the questioning. Police officers didn't let on that. They had evidence. John was lying when Lieutenant McDermott and his partner arrived in Syracuse to escort judd back to Queens. He left in good spirits. He seemed cheerful on the train. Ride and even attempted to make friends with Lieutenant. Mcdermott trying to make him laugh with jokes and stories. His good mood lasted until about an hour into the journey. When Lieutenant McDermott remarked Judd? No we have the contents of your wastebasket. The Hotel Judd became quiet realizing he was caught then. He launched into a confession when the group arrived at the Jamaica. Precinct Queens Judd. Put a statement in writing and was formerly placed under arrest. I later that morning. Both Judd and ruth were taken to the Jamaica townhall for their preliminary arraignment my some accounts the pair reached out and untouched hands as they were taken into the courtroom both entered pleas of not guilty. Although Ruth had made a confession to police her her lawyer repudiated it in court on the ground that it was made under duress and force. Judd's attorney also lamented his client's confession saying being. They've talked themselves into a bad fix. This is what comes of persons talking before the engaged council after the arraignment ruthin injured were taken to the Queen's County jail and placed end cells on opposite sides of the building. They had barely slept since the murder. For the first time. In Two ooh days they could escape the questions of reporters lawyers and police officers. They were finally able to rest but ruth in Judd's family members weren't so lucky from the moment Albert's death was made public journalists latched onto the story. The flashy details coauthor attention headlines emphasize the lurid affair between the flapper and the lingerie salesman but after highlighting the sex single reporters turned their attention to the UN remarkable nature of the suspects. Ruth and judd were not remarkable individuals. But somehow the fact only added to the story's intrigue the murder made people questioned the character of their friends and neighbors neighbors after all if to middle class every day American citizens could act so brutally then anybody could as journalists silly Beckley wrote for here are a man and woman exactly like the man and woman who ride next to us in the subway or the couple in the seats behind signed ours at the theater. People who look like US act like us seem like us live like us think like us and to all outward appearances are like us yet. Our Roots Snyder and judd gray like us are we like them. Are We. Apt To slip slipped capable of our self control at any minute and do as they did. There is the mystery..

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