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There are still plenty plenty of the the pop access out there in the rock groups out there and a lot of these people who were cleaning up the awards at the mtv emmys i i recognize i know who i would say sixty percent of the mar and then greg there's that forty percent i have never heard of these people in my life i have no idea who they are i don't know what they saying i don't know what they look like i don't know why they were important of significant i have no idea they announced the winner of like best new act in these two people walk on stage and i said who the hell is that the first time i've ever seen these people i know what you mean there were some blonde lady declared that she may be interested in running for congress there i had to go do a oh look up for or auto what kapadia who are you our do a quick one rundown hair greg of of some of the winners and you tell me do you feel older do you fail young do you know who these people are video of the year at the mtv via may award last night was kendrick lamar do you know him okay i know kendrick lamar all right so okay i align aim any okay i might notice face well he was video of the year all right i know him so at least on one for one artist of the year ed sheeran dino him oh yeah augenma we both know him all right so we're we're unto for to your one for two best new artist best new artist presented by taco bell and they add to squeeze that one in their best new artist presented by taco bell it's khalid in a that us no i have no idea who kalina's now i do know dj colette who apparently is a different guy altogether did i don't know if it's dj colette or dj khalid but there's there's a due date dj khalid and he's kind of like a bigger guy with a beard and he's really popular i i don't really know a songs by i know who he is and when they announced khalid as the best new artist i said all right i guess it'll be the big out with a beard knows this other guy some other guy named khalid.

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