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A good spot at the front of the queue or shout us out a question on social media instagram facebook twitter at home with dean we're talking about stone and tile today not tile stone stone and tile why well that's the alphabetical order an stone came before tile so on and talk about stoned before i talk about time and i was right in the middle of explaining the three family lease of natural stone that occur in the world just to give you a little bit better context of what you're looking at a before the break i explained sedimentary sedimentary stone is start on the surface of the earth and works its way down its layer upon layer of sediment minerals biological deposits than the end up getting a unbrotherly underneath an ancient sea somewhere and then subsumed into the earth uh where they experienced pressure and they crystallise in its things like sandstone and limestone which is basically men out of calcium fossils and travertine which is similar but has a little pitting action that happens because of a chemical reaction in the earth and then i said the second kind is ignorance and i'm and explain that to you now ignace all you have to remember that it ignores is the opposite of sedimentary in that sedimentary starts on the surface in works its way down ignace starts in the crust of the earth and works its way up up ignace stone is a formed by a liquid hot magma not lava by the way lava is what we call a magmud that actually bursts out onto the surface of the earth through a volcano or volcanic vents magma that stuff we don't see that is forming pockets of great pressure under the earth at times.

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