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The south coast from the newsroom here's Jay writes this WBZ news eighty seven degrees and mostly sunny the city of New Bedford has been informed by the state health department that the. West Nile virus has, been detected in a mosquito sample found in the city the mayor's office says. The sample was found in the area of oak grove cemetery on Parker street Bristol County will conduct ground spring and the early morning hours of tomorrow, in the area of oak grove as well as the New Bedford city. Parks residents who live, near those areas are advised, to close their windows tonight prior to that spring. A former New Bedford resident and the mother of two was killed Monday afternoon, we'll protecting her children from being struck, by a car at, an. El Paso Texas elementary school authorities in El Paso say that Thirty-three-year-old charisma, Ashley James was killed in the schools parking lot after fifty eight year old Robert. Hawking backed out of a parking space and struck a group, of three children when James. Attempted to stop the man from backing up again he, apparently hit the, accelerator Instead of the brake hitting James and killing her James Facebook page indicates that she was an army veteran who served in Iraq and that she was also employed. As a registered nurse, at the hospitals of providence James two children and another student of school are. Being treated at area hospitals for serious injuries New Bedford police were called to the riverbank lofts on riverside avenue early this morning on the report of, a person who was trespassing when officers located a man on the property. They report finding him, in possession of crack cocaine, and a knife larger than allowed by city law. Arrested was thirty two year old Christopher Brousseau of a Kushner Rousseau's been charged, with possession of crack cocaine carrying a, weapon and trespassing police, in. Fall River or asking for the public's help in a dental flying a, person of interest in an assault case the incident happened on Thursday August ninth at. Around six in the evening at six hundred quick Shan quickest, Shane street in Fall River Man allegedly assaulted thirty two year old female. They released photos of the suspect taken from a surveillance footage you can. See the photos at. WBZ dot com or on the WB SM app WBZ news time. Is five oh five Red Sox battle the Phillies one more time tonight first pitches seven oh five the pre-game, six twenty forecast for tonight mostly clear around seventy, tomorrow sunny hot and humid eighty ninety is it going to Friday with tracking some cloud cover for the afternoon now throw some showers and storms are way, some time Reiner evening still hot day to and real humid temperature's eighty senior ninety from the weather center I'm chief meteorologist Chettiar. New Bedford's news talk. Station fourteen twenty WBZ FM, it's eighty, seven degrees in New Bedford stay up to the minute with alerts, from the WB SM app.

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