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You don't want to go back and revisit maybe earliest revisit that. The hunting scene is really really funny, Brian. It involves children, which makes it soul wrong. But it's hilarious. And what he does with them afterwards. It's not sexual or anything just doesn't it with posing. Making it look at their smile and enjoying themselves for a family picture, Jack style good making her involved because she's still oh, Brian. It's so bad. I should force you to watch this. I don't know man, you watch HALE county. I did. But I took the I took the chance that would be good because it was nominated for an Oscar anyway as enough of house Jack Bill film, filming America engine, Mirko alita battle angel. She bothered. Alita battle CD's. Fuck. Nah. Onto this alone. Dammit like this alita alita battling Joel alita battling Gillette. A tease in their direct by Robert Rodriguez. In theaters now is the number one film in America. By James Cameron is apparently project who's trying get off the ground for quite some time. Never got around to it. So I wanna make a movie with girl of big is boy there's going to be a about linger porn. I don't I don't like this. I don't like the idea. It's not be flung in your direction. The like, I dunno. She's a fourteen or something in this movie. Anyway, he's a robot. Rosa Salazar plays alita Christoph volts Qian, John all these names Herschel Ali Jennifer Connelly, Ed screen, you might know from deadpool as the bad yet in debt. Bill, Jack hero Haley Edward Norton is in this movie sixty percent rotten tomato and some of them just voices or do you see all their faces because I don't see any. Of them in the trailer. I don't hear Haley. No, I did not know him till I was doing the reason we're gonna see. See? Edward Norton credited, but he is throughout the move. I don't know why they didn't credit them ease in joy being in the movie Dame taking off it probably screen. Yes, you can tell it's at screen. This is a special an animated, film Anderson. I'd get eighty percent of what he's see on screen is partially or entirely CGI. Sounds like ready player. One is very slim ready player one in that respect. You think James was pissed when he's ready player one. No, no, no. There's some good stuff in some very ridiculous stuff. The fight scenes are very well done as a bar fight. This particularly good alita kicks ass, and she is asking young lady very positive role model for not role model, but very positive imagery for young girls to see kicking ass in the movies..

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