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In well then the deal starts unravel because you can expect tehran to say will look if you're gonna you know sanction is again for nuclear related activities we're going to go ahead pull out of the deal so could weaken it could become ill and then begin the billion billion lire grade weapons egan spinning those centrifuges again they could act absolutely do that if they decide to pull out because we decided it to negate our obligations under this international convention as you know where jim should of the us put this deal together together with the other permanent members of the un security council germany the european union the international atomic energy agency how are they going to react to this decision by the president next week well i'll tell you how they reacting now i spoke to a european diplomat from one of those countries party to this deal and this diplomat told me the following contradicting the president on this saying that this agreement is vital to our security interests and that of our allies contradicting the president who says that it's not in the us national security interests it's interesting i i spoke to a member of the george w bush administration who negotiated with north korea i asked him what would happen if the us where to pull out of this deal and he said it would make the us seemed fickle on the international stage so remember it has consequences not just for this deal potentially and again if it goes down the path that admiral kirby just as described their it has consequences not just for this deal but if the us for instance is offering the possibility of negotiations with a country like north korea they in other countries even our partners can reasonably asked the question 'what does a deal or a potential deal mean if the us is pulling out of a deal that it made here it raises real questions and you hear that from our allies right now very pointedly so where the president gloria sends this the congress has congress going to react.

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