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This is episode number one hundred twenty seven welby preview in the two thousand twenty one belgian grand prix. I'm your host. Joe johnson. And i'm joined by tom. Downey of the one podcast making his debut on the show. Aaron harper i guys on mr assigned bam thank you mam san fatua as gonna something. Isn't that always got to be something. It's the it's been long a week so on one says to be back. It has been a long four weeks in dade unwed going to my personal favourite race truck in the world. Tom spa franker. Sean and spit of a home race in a way for mexico stopping overseas proper home race this year in the netherlands but he was born in belgium and his mom is belgian. So how do you see red bull gang on this weekend. During second in the constructors championship defending can make a comeback against mercedes this weekend. Yeah our rep. Lived in the go pretty well as you can you know. She's gone fanny well. Belgium even live up the pao unit deficiencies. If you'd like to do with a couple of years but with without home the unit give them not shows this got this year. I think he could be a good weekend for red bull Hopefully could return from by. Max maxa not having a good week and in hungry a month ago now. Four weeks ago now and you'll be looking to guess i win around spa. Get back to winning as well. I mean obviously didn't win. Silvestre no hung hungry It's just a little between him and louis. Samuelson is only eight points in the construct in the drivers championship. And of course we can't forget the other guy in the championship Lewis said he's going to heiss finished in second place in hungary despite by all the gun to the back of the field and the the tire stops in every finney was still there in second place gained some great points in hungry. How do you see him going into belgium. Because he's a track where he's one up before but he's had a lot of bad luck too. Will yell at the race. Loss just watched the highlights and the race lost before. Listen the i pretty much shrouds. That win House already but that was when the mercedes competition grits. the as. He said he'll become on the high from las. You races He was what thirty points behind the stockton and always Points had site He's going to be riding high number. Momentum ends you know. We saw it in second policies in twenty thousand seen. How are we going to tunnel all put the title of A very quickly. So i think if he wins this race is gonna be a big remittance. Showmanship game forwards can see him running away with after that you can have to see. The phone is like in practice sessions to say we already The break site. It's just gonna be interesting to see what quite equal foments in hostile races and Yeah reno your waltz definitive Until to get on the track yet when nova until the until the guys get We've had full weeks off without a two week. Shut down by the fighters something but they start. Plenty of times improved. The car law could have change for those from two. It's been fascinating bottle. If i guess personally i'd say the will probably have the advantage in. I think they've had Around our trucks Is definitely power circuit but you can never rule out mercedes. They just know how to win and get it across the line. So how do you see that. They spout going this weekend. I think it's going to be quite similar to the silverstein. we can because he saw mercedes. Throw a curveball..

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