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The Triggs actually remained surprisingly high seventy six milligrams per deciliter. Again, we generally like to see triglycerides below a hundred, but I was sorta surprised that they weren't lower and also has surprised that the v. LDL cholesterol wasn't a bit lower. The l. particle number did go down a little bit. Probably two more. What I think my baseline is, which is about eight hundred and the small particles sort of return to what I think my baseline is interestingly, the cholesterol content of the small. LDL particle fell to quite low levels, which is nice. That's a, you know, that's sort of a marker. We care a lot about and the HDL particle number also went down quite a bit. The inflammatory numbers got as good as they get typically. So very low fi Brennan Jin CRP. This is a very sensitive essay. So a point point, four is pretty low and an ox. The thirty one is is righteous as the kids would say, uric acid just skyrocketed eight point zero. I was like, wow, that is something else again. Now you're actually getting to a point where he, you know, if if you get your guys too much higher than that, you actually are running the risk of having a got attack, and you could certainly say that well, and to be honest with you, I actually have some speculations on why that happened, but I'm actually need to reach out to Rick Johnson who's the world's expert on uric acid to to pick his brain on this because I think he would have more more interesting assessment. I mean, I'll give you what my very crude assessment is. I my crude assessment is there was probably some muscle. Breakdown, and it was just you're seeing an increase in DNA turnover and you're seeing Perama deans, pyramid, Denes, etcetera. Going up. And those things as a byproduct will generate more uric acid. So we know what it wasn't right. It was not an increase in fructose consumption. It was not an increase in ethanol consumption, and it was not an increase in exile protein consumption. Those are the three things that far and away Dr uric acid more than anything else. So my only explanation is this just a huge turnover of DNA and the backbone of DNA is one of the things that when it's broken down leads to this by product of uric acid. In fact, it made me wonder if could uric acid levels or changes in your acid levels, be a small part of the signature of tough. Gee, we might be interested in and the reason I don't think it's just dysfunctioning. Metabolism is the home assistant went back down. You see if the home assisting had gone from eleven to fourteen, I'd say something's wrong there, but the homeless teen actually corrected and yet the uric acid. To a level that I've never seen before and myself. So kind of interesting. The blood urea nitrogen went down to twelve, which, again, that makes sense in the context of there's no protein coming in..

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