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Well, then I guess one could say that's a crazy stupid idiot. Colleen and Bradley present as it stands for. Yes. It sure does why. Well, because the world is full of crazy. Stupid idiots dumb. People doing dumb things repeatedly over and over again, oftentimes mis data. Florida. Okay. Guess where we're going Florida. Yeah. Knowing their check the I'm going to check the temperature favor and check the temperature of Madeira beach kingdom's de E, R, A Madeira beach. That's a coastal community of of nearly forty five hundred folks on a barrier island facing the Gulf of Mexico. Can I tell you right now, it's sunny and seventy five. Lovely. I'll take it. How can you be dumb when it's sunny and seventy five right? So they want to take you to a special outdoor meeting a special of the community during the king of the beach fishing tournament in November. Now, this goes back aways things got quickly out of hand, Nancy Oakley this lady that I'm going to tell you about she's a city Commissioner in Madeira she'd done some drinking at a fishing competition. Now while she was there. She spaded spotted Shane Crawford. That's the city manager at the time and shell McGrady has executive assistant the two would later Mary. But we're in relationships with other people at the time and Oakley suspected them of having an affair. Okay. So far. This sounds like the movie. Yes. Or like an episode murder. She wrote or something so using some expletives. That's four letter words for those of you who didn't do well on SAT. She demanded that McGrady who was supposed to be acting deputy city clerk and taking. Minutes be removed after the meeting concluded Nancy walked up to Crawford again. And did something that will change your life forever. And earns her crazy stupid Elliott, fellow through coleslaw. Down her shirt. Well, if by coleslaw, you mean that she licked his neck and the side of his face slowly working her way down from his Adam's apple then groped him by grabbing his crotch and boots then yes, she threw coleslaw. And but no she actually licked his not any kind of coleslaw. I've ever had. Yes. Then she threw a punch at the woman. Whoa. So she licked the man punch the woman now, apparently this was not an isolated incident. In fact, Nancy Oakley, again city Commissioner has a history of doing the following looking men that she was either attracted to were thought she had a thority over. Now that was written a complaint in two thousand seventeen to the ethics board that she not only licked some stuff, but she also made unwanted advances towards other city staff to and these people were not interested. There were at least three other men who testified they had their faces licks without their consent. I mean, I know not going to say it, and she says, this is all lies and cockamamie stories, and we'll be questioning, you know, all of these things, but she has now been resigned or forced to resign. Can you do me a favor shirt want you to pull up this story? And I want you to look at Nancy Oakley pants again. She's signed for position at Madeira beach city commission after the Florida look like a face liquor, but scroll all the way down. Okay. Oh, okay. Felix? She looks like she's a face liquor. She looks like yes, I could see where she would be looking faces. Yes. I guess she just doesn't look like a well. I'm just not gonna make it looks like she's a handsome man a woman. She's a handsome woman is what I'm trying to say issue now. But see, I don't know like where did you learn that looks like like, we're my only move in life is to lick a man's face and grabs chunk my question to her. Then would be like at Wendy's has that when is that worked for like has that worked for you must've? Right. You don't know it doesn't sound like it has often lately. I just you know, what most concerns me about that practice. What germs? Well. Cares. I don't feel like that would taste good. You're going to get like aftershave on your tongue. Like if I'm gonna lick things. I don't like strangers faces. Cakes donuts. Yeah. Confections? If you had a Donut I would lick your Donut. Right. Like, if there was somebody I was attracted to who was eating something that looked particularly delicious. I would I would sooner lick their food that I would do that'd be a fun game. But even that would be a stretch for me. I bet she was a lot of fun during spring break in Panama City beach in nineteen eighty three the problem is that things have changed we've moved on. And no longer licking faces of very. All right for our next story. We are going to take a Junie. Okay. Arizona's union or air or in Arizona, where we're gonna meet a twenty eight year old man by the name of Joshua Hillyard tutor. Oh, nice gas. Related to Henry, no teaches he teaches any mentors. Young people who time to tour. He's been tutoring. High school students as part of a mentoring program for a while. All right. And last week. He sent a picture to a sixteen year old girl. He was working with. Oh, no. That picture was of his special area. His special purpose. I believe is special purpose happy place. Oh, his junk Adang. Yeah. He sent a picture of his junk to a sixteen year old who he had been mentoring. That is gross and it's wrong. And I bet it's not the first time. Probably. However, this sixteen year old who did the right thing and told her parents and then shared it. They shared it with thirties and. Well, the cops were able to confirm that this was a picture of him when they arrested him. Why you ask because of an identifying Mark on his happy place. Oh, what was it? It was a tattoo. Okay. And the tattoo on his happy place mind, you said the words fun size. Candy bars. Sick for a second and think about the fun size candy bar you guys. Yeah. I don't know the because funds. Heartland? It means small. Yeah. You want king-size? Yeah. Is it called king size or just like now kings is is the big one. Yeah. Candy bear in candy Bartlett. Yeah. No, you're right. King-size funds size. Not so much size. You know, everybody knows fun site has a horrible. Yeah. That's you don't want those two things associated case. Why would? Because like what woman, you know? This is such a dude thing like only a dude like no woman is going to get like, you know, fun size on her boob. Because like. Grow them with John coup. But no woman is going to be like. Oh, yeah. So I just love your bar logo on your Weiner. Or if he does say that she's she's not she's saying that he's saying that because she knows that. That's what you want her to say, and this is going to be a very short term experience. Also, I'd like to remind you as we're having this disgusting conversation that the subject of this is a sixteen year old girl case also. He was arrested Mr. fund size said that he thought he didn't think he was doing anything wrong because he thought the age of consent near Zona was sixteen. No, it's eighteen. Like, it is everywhere. His charged with a felony for providing harmful materials. Sometimes it may sixteen though. I think in Minnesota sixteen actually is it really. Oh, well, it depends on your age. I think but. I would. No, I don't. Because had some really young. How about that? Let's just ask what the age of consent. Say no don't do it there. You know, what go home and watch something on the internet because this is not a good of the can I go to a can we take Ono? We don't have time tomorrow. Yep. So now when we come back on the Colleen and Bradley show to forty five every day, we play a little game that game is called mom. Nope. That game is called the throwback live. We will play that after this on mytalk one zero seven one recently overheard on Donna and Steve I used to love samples now I avoid sample booths. Like the plague I feel like a grub. Isn't it always better if they say could interest you in a sample? Whereas if you have to walk up, what is II salami that feels it's a real power shift in the relational dynamic that you have with these. Curiosity. I feel like I'm a dog sniffing around. Is that hidden free? Exactly give her notice. They're like computers that have a glitch like they're not even talking to anybody. They're just kind of going on sale for five ninety nine try. You can make it at home. And and they're like looking around like they're in a home, you know, just mumbling stuff. To be. I think a lot of people think example, people are quite lovely. Sure. Heavies? And you could put it in the toaster oven. I was just. Donna and Steve nine to noon on mytalk one zero seven one everything entertainment big news.

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