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Yeah. I think he played one eleven last year. I think you'd like maybe a hundred and twenty five out of them this year. Hopefully stays healthy. What you wanna third catcher? Is that what you're saying? Yes. Because I want this guy's got to stay healthy all year. And you know, you just know he's gonna pull his record is that he's going to die. That's what I mean. Yeah. It's tracker. Course feels pretty good this year. I've asked him about that a lot during spring training and then the beginning of the season. But he he feels pretty good. I think he's smart enough. I think to raise his hand if he if he needs a blow for a day, and and I think they'll, you know, they'll they'll give them that to as well, but they know they need to keep him healthy. He's an important part of that lineup, and you know, sending where he sits on the spot or even sometimes six five he's he's done a great job so far. And maybe it's because I'm gonna fight mood with the city of Philadelphia. I'll watch my guy Jared Dudley. Go after Joel Embiid Jimmy Butler taking cheap shots. With the Sixers tonight with the Sixers, maybe that's on my mind. And why I'm saying this? But when Jeff McNeil gets hit by a pitch and p Alonzo gets hit by a pitch and another was on purpose. I'll be the first to tell you guys keep getting hit by pitches. Sometimes teams feel the need to do something a team. Yes will Zack Wheeler do something about that tonight Zack's before? So I wouldn't be surprised. That's you know, the rice Harper. No, no, not price Reese Hoskins. Bryce might get himself thrown out of the game. Anyway. Homerun like every time it comes to. Right. Just see what Sutcliffe had to say about that too. Not not settling. I'm sorry. Oh, yeah. Definitely. Yeah. That was dissension. That's good scolding. I thought what he's right now. He's absolutely. You can't you can't do that. But listen to act Zach is done that before he's delivered on that before. So what it'd be listened to last? I what is it the last three games? They've had somebody hit the lion and last night. So I think they're a little tired of that. Yeah. And like, I said, I don't think it's been purposeful. But the return the favor show TV's blaring with fights tonight. I'm going to have. Judge Jaran w spirit of on the ground. Why Mueller plunking Bryce the have a better I wanted to concentrate your nets winning a game theory. I understand that I want that who by the way the Celtics swept now who. Walkie on he played Milwaukee. Walk you like that. Last year last year before knows got there before Jaanus became in my opinion. I think it's official now these best player in the NBA. I'm sorry. Number one. Now, he's passed everybody with all due respect to Kevin Durant. Lebron james. John. Komo's best player in the NBA. I'm not gonna fly John last year seven game series between the Celtics and bucks. Now, you gotta healthy kyri. You've got a competent coach in Milwaukee. Let's go there. They're playing well. A little bit different team right now be a Hayward is as injected themselves back into. Yes, he's he's come around. It's taking a long time. But he's come around and they're playing well now. But I mean, I I did watch what Milwaukee did the Detroit which was basically dismember them. Don't you miss the days? Tell me I know you have to don't you miss the days of like, Kevin McHale clothes lining, Kurt Rambis. Seriously. Ecorse. Ejected for it. Yes. Seriously. You're an old school guy. Like me. Come on Bill Laimbeer and tree Rollins fighting each other. I mean, come on. Red Auerbach ever going to the officials lock on kicking the door. To do that only did was like one hundred degrees in Boston. Let's shut the let's shut the off into the opposing exactly. That's what he would only go out with. Got how much good night stand guy? Intellectually, honest guy bucks and how many five six. No, I think that's going to be long. I think it's going six or seven do. I do I think the Celtics play wells. But I I like Milwaukee to win. But I think it's gonna go along and two the Sixers close my team out tonight. Yes. I can eat some close game or your a blowout game. Now. I think it'll be close. I think it'll be close game. So they'll tease me again, you're saying that's fantastic. Thank you, Eddie. Just a brilliant brilliant job as usual. Great great. Mets keep it going tonight. We hope so it stay helping. All right. Eddie. Eddie is.

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