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But he's the most likeable big hands game can finish great leaper great defender inbetween game if you beat him to the stop bumps you off. And then you add his three point shooting, you know, so, you know, I never get in that who's the best player, you know magic is the best player. You know Michael Jordan was the best player LeBron but it's that same group coup. Why is the most like Jordan? We've seen according to Doc Rivers, take shake it. I'm gonna take it because. I'm gonna take it because if I was the head coach, general manager, president of the clippers in free agency was coming up and I was looking for a player that could give me over the home. I certainly would compare him new Michael Jordan alone. With Oscar Robertson manage a magic in there. Gee, this a little bit of Jesus. He's better than Kevin Durant. When I know I'm not gonna probably get Kevin Durant. He's better than the Broncos. There's a chance, I'm not going to get LeBron. I could still still Kevin Durant. But of course, he's gonna say all those things will look if you look at Coalisland and his game, you could compare it to a, the great ones, you certainly can Michael Jordan had snap crackle pop. He had a lot of sizzle any at a circle. We all tried to emulate, his walk. We all tried to have a press conference in liquor lips that was just part of that was am I right? Yeah. Travis I wanna play like him but lick your lips. I've never hear Jordan. It's my life because I'm pretty trite and I'm still believing a rivalry gave me a piece of gum today. Our be imitate. Michael jordan. Jordan, this one here. Travis to. Yeah. Real hard, if we could. Yeah. Just sort of FANG what he doesn't have is the sizzle though. And that's why quite gets left off these conversations because he's not into that. He don't care about clearly all right? Next one in can sue goes from the NFC champ last year to a team that hasn't made the playoffs since oh, seven uncle I like being part of things that you can build and be able to put them over the top. That's dominating. Sue take it or shake it key. I see. Take it went from a you went from the NFC champ, and NFC chumps, and Detroit didn't get over the top and neither did my in the Rams got over the top with some other players. And I certainly believe that sues a important part of the defense but not at the number economically that the Rams paid him a year ago. I, I don't know exactly what he got from Tampa, Tampa Bay financially but it certainly was rewarding. I'm assuming about nine mill nine point three, okay? So we got fourteen year. Yeah. So, okay. So you got ten million dollars from the ramp Bay Buccaneers you take that ten million? You say everything you supposed to say is he writes, bangers is in Dominic suet difference maker? If you have him, do you have a much better chance of success than if you don't have him at this point in his career? I, I don't know. I don't know if he's better than Gerald McCoy right now. I don't know. I, I have no idea if he's better than Germany. I think they're probably pretty even. But sometimes when you get to move you get. A reboot moving from the ramp to the bucks. All of a sudden he gets ten sacks. It's just a reboot, maybe the style in which Todd Bowles uses him, which is a hell of a, a coordinated maybe not good here coach. But a defensive coordinator would a great mind puts him in a different position than we'll way Phillips there because way Phillips had Aaron Donald it, he had to make sure he can get off and not down consume aren't RJ Hampton was the number five prospect in the class of twenty nine thousand nine he decided that he is not going to go to college. But rather, he's going to go play professional basketball for the New Zealand breakers of the Australian National Basketball league. Here's RJ Hampton explaining his decision. I just think my dream has never been to, to play college basketball. My dream has always to be to get to the next level in the play in the NBA..

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