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Of those reasons i question the fascination with deportation what we really need is a way to prevent people from coming into this country and working when you don't have lead egal status because this of individual who um who ended up killing vice plowing into of an uber driver and the nfl player the baltimore ravens player i they edwin jackson ending was um that guy had been deported twice and it come back in the country and the only way to stop that and stop future illegal immigration is workplace enforcement any verify appreciate your call david in atlanta david you're on the michael medved show we're taking my call my back i want to pick up on one of your comments but you just made and i believe i have uh a difference is you said that we should reward congress i believe that we should world war congress for doing its job as defined by the constitution and in accordance with the oath of office that they day and please let me give you three examples don't think like this the budget issues that you're talking about daca and bankruptcy in this country all those or congressional responsibilities have y'all congress refuses to put forward an annual budget they haven't done it in ten years we're in the dock mess that were in because congress refuses to put forth uniform immigration laws as their call to do in the constitution we have complete inconsistency in our bankruptcy code because congress refuses to put fourth uniform bankruptcy okay i don't know about the bankruptcy crowed but and i i they do put forest uniform immigration laws what is difficult is the enforcement of those laws and also revising the laws so that they actually serve the country's interests and that really has to be the main focus of any immigration reform doing what's good for the united states of america we'll be right back on the medved show.

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