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Will be the formal selection of an 11th elector to replace Ronald Valerio of Auburn, who died less than a week before. Today's proceedings. Meantime and 301 the first doses seven approved covert 19 vaccine, arriving this week with Boston Medical Center, saying they received over 1900 doses of thief Isar bhai and tech vaccine. His health care workers are one of the first in line to get the shot Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Cesar, saying the country is still facing some challenging trends in the weeks and months ahead. Virus continues to spread with hospitalizations and deaths near or at record highs in many places and still rising. Today. We have hope on the way. And Massachusetts World War two veteran is the first of a patient in the country to get the shot. 96 year old Margaret Claessens was vaccinated just around noontime at the Edith Norse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital at the Bedford via It's now 302. We've got some updated numbers today on the state of available hospital beds across the Commonwealth. The Department of Public Health this weekend started using hospital bed counts from hospital reports rather than estimated figures from their collected data as of Saturday that report a total of 9365 non intensive care unit beds in Massachusetts. Meantime, yesterday's covert numbers showing over 1700 people currently hospitalized with covert 19 342 of those are in intensive care units. Well the M B T. A's of fiscal management control board voting today on covert 19 related cuts. WBC's Karen Regal reporting Some trains are leaving the station summer not And some well, they're just delayed operation Forging ahead as the T calls. It seems like it is constantly being forged in the fire. That is the Washington, DC relief package that may or may not be on the horizon. The vaccine and increase sales tax revenue, some of which goes to the team feels somewhat like Charlie Brown, winding up Tonto kick the football. MBT, a GMC pumped out The tea, however, is pulling back instead of stopping at midnight Busses will run as late as they do now, although roots will be eliminated. Others combined rapid transit, the subway, we'll see reduced frequency and the branch of the Green line will live. The commuter rail will keep the weekend service on the busiest lines. As for the commuter rail stops that were to be closed on Lee Cedar Park in Melrose will stay. For now. Theories on the chopping block will run all the likely at a reduced schedule. Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollick. This is a service adjustment, which is providing more than adequate service.

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