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Those lives just interesting. Explain described is he. The younger generation behind back into the game have directly serves very families can tell you. Who are been recently in the service was sending what happened that way. Just text me two three two three two one two complementary bottle winning nugenix. The number one. Powered by. Ingredients clinically researched strong. And guy the stories that might heard doing. Bottom of those three to one that's. Deny became changed with Vietnam era. There's certainly was much respect. Tom brokaw. Writes about it in his book, the greatest generation forget, the but I think that's the name of the book. I don't remember the name of the book, I'm very popular book. I didn't realize Tom Brokaw wrote it. Yes. Yeah. And so the, the reality of being distant or disengaged from the conversations part of what you have to deal with in terms of understanding, what Memorial Day is all about even though there are hardcore members of our society who today have served and served well with distinction. They don't get the same kind of recognition. It's a less sincere sort of recognition on the part of many. I don't know whether it's guild, I don't know what it is. But I always feel when somebody says to someone who seem in the airport that you for your service. I don't think most people mean and they say it, it's like lips. Service to people in uniform and being in the service. Let's face it today is a lot different than it used to be because of the assignments, there are some people who are on the frontlines in areas where there is kind of the same impact as Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, and not as bad, but the American populace general has no respect for what happened during the Bush administration certainly when it came to Afghantistan because most everybody knew that bin Laden was there when we gave up and took on another foe and it was a photo. F. A. U F, O E, but. Post afghanistan. Don't you think that people are much more sensitive to how that has harmed, so many of our men and women in the military, both visiting no respect? There is respect for the people in the service. There's no respect for having been engaged in all of these activities. The end the question is for what why do we have a suffering post traumatic, you know, one of the things is this, the difference between Memorial Day in Veterans Day on Veterans Day? We can actually advocate and get angry if you want to do, frankly, I admit to being angry about the way our servicemen and women are treated when they get out of the service is, we screw them over eighty seven. It's just it's pathetic. Also think people who make the choice to serve the differences that the people who died are the ones that we celebrate Memorial Day. I think fortunately less of us have the connection the personal connection to memorial. Because because fewer people have died serving the country in, you know, my uncle served. And so, I think even though we celebrate the people who, who made it out like my uncle did relatively unscathed. You can thank those people today, but today's about remembering those people who made the sacrifice and most of those people are now from our generation, who are sort of their dying off, anyway, at this point. And, and that is fortunate. Yes. Mayor. You're right. That's why Memorial Day is as important as at least to my generation, and I think all of us here have just through our words expressed how. But it is not the typical. Reacting. Question. I just asked you is there Morial day that you actually understand what family. Hip new. Bring your understanding the import and the impact a most people don't have one as I said, that's the reference to suggest. So world gone mad gentleman the. What you can get every day showed. Both are wasting part of the program, I wanna hear what was on this guy..

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