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Him. After eight tenths standoff. They can men realized that they had little choice as surrendered on June the tenth it certainly appeared as though Berkeley had won the day. The rebel Bacon and his men were in custody that afternoon begging was brought into the State House where he would meet face to face with governor Berkeley however much to everybody's surprise Berkeley didn't exactly seem to take advantage of his moment. He used his time to call out. Drummond in Lawrence and warn of the dangers that they posed he allowed big into confess which big did charged vacant for two thousand pounds and then agreed that if they can promise not to overthrow. The Virginia government would go ahead and authorize bacon to lead a force out against the Indians. Berkeley even went so far as to low bacon back onto the council. Okay so what gives Berkeley for all of his. Anger is just going to force. Bake it into making an empty apology. This entire ordeal was really just a hell governor. Berkeley feel better. Everybody in the Virginia House of Burgess was as stunned seriously. Nobody anticipated this and everybody is just trying to figure out what is going on at this point did Governor. Berkeley come to his senses and decide that the path to peace is by meeting Bacon demands. Well as it turns out. No that isn't the case at all. Uc Berkeley at. This point was sitting on information that nobody else appeared to known. Berkeley was becoming concerned over the fact that the Virginia militia was taking their sweet time to fully garrison Jamestown amp repair for the defense of the city. Defense from what you ask well at that same time. A large number of Bacon supporters were coming to town. They were armed. They were angry and they were determined to air. Their grievances to the governor in the assembly Berkeley was to his very core a royalist. He has supported. Charles I during the civil war. He supported Charles the secondary the restoration the only time when he was not the governor of Virginia was drained those years when Cromwell was empower however despite personally supporting and being friends with Charles the first Berkeley had zero interest in following his example. In death. Berkley just not super excited to be dragged out by an angry mob and beheaded with this in mind. Berkeley gave a generous pardon for Bacon. Made a nice show of mercy and intended that with Bacon. Pardon and actually getting exactly what he wanted. The angry mob would round and leave Jamestown to his credit Berkeley guessed correctly. Bathing was Freidan. Hey the concessions were pretty sweet with no reason to hang around Jamestown. The rebel promptly turned around and went back home. Berkeley figured that through these concessions he would be able to remove the immediate risk he would pacify bacon followers and more importantly would keep them from getting too interested in hunting around Berkeley's finances. The problem however for Berkeley is that he couldn't move past Nathaniel Bacon if Berkeley had just stayed on this path. There is a decent chance that biggest rebellion is nothing more than a mere but note Berkeley however decides to go in just totally different direction here as much as the people. In the House of Burgess were shocked. So wasn't the thing. Bacon making one would sure assume was aware that being captured by Berkeley enforces probably wasn't going to end well for him so a parking was not something that he would have seen coming. Bacon rightly was not just surprised by the pardon. He was also very skeptical about it. Those who had come to protect Bacon. We're going home and very quickly. Baking was going to find himself alone once again. Bacon was right to worry. Berkeley had no plans to let this go. And on the night of June eleventh Berkeley issued a new arrest warrant for Bagan having cleared beacons loyalists out of town. Berkeley now had a chance to bring the militia in to make sure that Jamestown was properly prepared should the rabble decide to comeback calling for their soon to be recaptured leader. Berkeley by all accounts was not planning to mess around this time. The order of the day was to capture bacon at execute him before a rescue mission could be launched when Bacon supporters returned Jamestown. Berkeley was said on their leader. Being dead hopefully nobody will be all that interested in funding a war over a dead man and they would all does go back home disappointed to be sure but without launching an attack on the morning of June twelfth men loyal to Berkeley Storm the Lawrence House where Bacon was expected to be hiding except Bacon. Apparently missed the memo that he was supposed to be holed up at Lawrence House when news reached Berkeley. That baking wasn't there at all. The governor realized that he had made a gigantic mistake. But this point. The news was out there that he had reissued the warrant begins. Men were coming and general. Bacon wasn't going to be anywhere near as dead as Berkeley had hoped. He would be Berkeley knowing what he had to do. You know defend James from the incoming agree mob instead decided to take another path Berkeley after evaluating the situation said yet no. I'm going to leave now. He quickly packed up his belongings. When to the Treasury and withdrew. His money made his way to Semi Bay and decided to get out of town. Well he still could and catch up with his wife. If all went as planned Berkeley would be on his way to London in just a few days. I think it goes without saying that. Just basically running away from the incoming storm storm largely caused by him is not a wonderful look for Berkeley however all things considered his real mistake in the situation is not that he decided to leave. James to the rabble. The real mistake at least personally for Berkeley is not making sure that the ship was ready to go. Berkeley suddenly found himself sitting on a ship. That was at least a week away from being ready to leave. Keep in mind that we are just thirty. Six hours pass Berkeley surprise. Pardon though when he may because Bacon men were beginning to flood into the poorly-defended Jamestown simple math tells us that these men loyal to Bacon are much closer than a week away. Berkeley as it turns out could also do math and quickly figured out that he had a very serious problem on his hands. He wasn't going to be able to hide Taylor to London before a furious mob descended on Jamestown if Berkeley had been concerned by the biggest supporters days before he must have been terrified of them now they were not only upset over the treatment of Bacon but they were feeling mightily double crossed by the governor understanding this predicament. Berkeley was forced to accept that he was not going to be getting out of Virginia. In time with the fight option exhausted Berkeley turned to his other option fight. Berkeley had some canons. Those that have been used before to fire on begins mid in the harbor that he ordered position for the defense of the city he likewise cintos cows to figure out the position of the rebel army for the second time this episode. This cows are not going to be heard from again which was still a very ominous side. So yeah not a great week to be a scout. On June twenty third look was made Bacon. It was just two miles from Jamestown out the front of a lot of angry colonists. Berkeley almost instantly realized that this was not going to be a battle. It was going to be a slaughter. Bacon was at the head of approximately four hundred men. Berkeley had about thirty militia members to defend the city and worse Berkeley Hackensack amongst the militia members. Present their loyalties were in question Berkeley wanting to avoid the wholesale destruction of Jamestown declared the city open and told his men to stand down. Bacon was going to take Jamestown without firing a single shot. General Bacon as he was now so lovingly being called was not going to waste any time making sure that everybody inside of Jamestown understood. We're the power now lied as soon as the town was captured. Baking called for the Virginia Assembly. To meet it goes without saying that this meeting was not business as usual and one has to imagine at this point for a man like Berkeley. He must have been wondering if he was going to leave that meeting. Alive once assembled Bacon made his demands directly to governor Berkeley. Well he must have enjoyed being called General Bacon by his men he wanted to actually make things official and thus demanded to be made a commission general now to be fair to the. Guy William Berkeley has had an especially bad couple of days in the realm of bad days is raking up. There really are not about to get any better. Of course eight respectable Manley. Berkeley is going to act in this situation. With only the highest honor and dignity right. Well if you consider a temper tantrum. Highest Honors Dignity then E. performed pretty well Berkeley at this exact moment has absolutely no power at all. Well on the surface. Bacon is asking for these things to be granted. Nobody at all is mistaken into believing that these were really requests. Bacon is telling Berkeley he expects Berkeley is going to do instead of accepting the inevitable or attempting to fight back against Bacon and his forces however Berkeley instead rips his shirt off and just request that they can shoot him right there on site as though this was not dramatic enough Berkeley then challenge begin to a sword. Fight Begin. Not really interested in. This makes a quick speech saying that. He just wants to protect the good people of Virginia and needs his commission. Having lost the day. The governor turned around and just walked out bacon for his part was trying to make. It appear that he just wanted what was best for the colony however with Berkeley unwilling to play ball. And they it actually requiring that. The governor acquiesced whose demands in order to grant legitimacy to his cause bacon needed to be clear that he wasn't there messing around Bagan followed Berkeley back to his house. Let him know that. Failure to comply to the demands of the people would result in Bacon's forces killing the whole lot of them. Berkeley unmoved shut the door and big face with the bowl. Back in begins court. The general ordered his men to present arms and aim them at the burgess his so a quickly of the land here. Berkeley is shut up inside of his house pouting. The members of the House of Burgess are watching from the window of the Assembly House with intrigue bigoted at his men have now turned towards them on are aiming their weapons at those same assembly members watching with intrigue intrigue quickly turns to fear for the assemblymen who are not interested in being shot despite Berkeley's wish for them to send from beside him. The assembly quickly yells back that they will find a way to give picking what he wants. Just please don't shoot us with the governor broken and the assembly just wanting to avoid being shot big it was now free to dictate its terms bacon needing to protect his victory. Set his men around Jamestown to keep a constant watch.

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