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You tweet us at Michigan insider a couple of notes we saw for every Thomas not just as a kick returner. Like we did last week, but he got up there on offense. And you can imagine that they're coming up with different things to do to get him the football because he has a playmaker and electric in space. And so when you have those guys in the team, you might as well try to get the ball in their hands a few times each and every game, you probably noticed the absence of Solomon, the tackle the sophomore, former five star recruit for the wolverines. He actually has a knee injury. And he had surgery. It does not sound like it is a long term kind of injury. More one of those. I we'll see how quickly he can return obviously is going to be at least the next couple of weeks. But I don't know the exact timetable, but it doesn't sound like it's one that's going to knock him out for the entire season. But he does have a knee injury. So that is why you did not see Rb salvage. They're in the game for the wolverines field goal kicking. Obviously a question there as Quin Ordine feel unimportant as game in the grand scheme of things when you win a game forty nine to three, but you want every opportunity to your goal kicker has you wanted to make those. So that when the time comes in you're in a game. Like, maybe the one that was in west Lafayette today that you are ready and your sharp and you've had game experience. And he's not put what home today as he misses opportunity from from outside and miss that feel you gotta work on that. But on the flip side the punning was really good for the wolverines in the game. Today. We'll heart a terrific job putting three punts an average of fifty six point seven average. He had a long sixty one put one inside the twenty all three of his punts for over fifty terrific job. Putting in the game today for we'll heart. And so as he continues to boom posits a weapon, and so that's an opportunity for you in a game. Where maybe you're playing a field position game where you have a guy that could maybe put the field position a little bit. It's a he could become a weapon. So maybe they found something in our little gains competence in their opponent game with will heart back. They're kicking the ball deep away. But only three punts for the game today as opposed to western. They they went back to six times, obviously, they had one blocked up, but they went.

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