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The new release egypt station the title comes from the name of one of mccartney's paintings egypt station will be his first full album since two thousand thirteen that new and his first studio release on capitol records since two thousand five chaos and creation in the backyard sir paul who's seventy five says he thinks of the album as a dream location that the music emanates from it comes out september seventh the other single already available is titled i don't know asylum claims rose sharply in the united states last year but as they peas serious shackling reports migration declined overall in the developed world for the first time since two thousand eleven according to new report from the organization for economic cooperation development asylum claims rose twenty six percent in the us last year the organization representing the world's wealthiest countries added that migration for economic and political reasons is unlikely to diminish in the coming years the group said countries need to find ways to prepare their native born populations and integrate new foreign residents the report found a growing share of the population in the always cds thirty five member countries including the us and western europe was born abroad up from nine percent in two thousand two thirteen percent in two thousand seventeen i'm sarah shakily the fourth of july is coming up so i'm having a few buddies over for a barbecue to watch the fireworks we're going to be grilling and of course having some awesome drinks to get everything i needed i went to total wine and more my jaw drops every time i walk in wine beer cigars all the accessories and decorations i need they even found me this bobby that was just amazing we went to give it a try at the tasting table as soon as i tasted it i.

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