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Nineteen you listening that WMVP Chicago under the hood with Jonathan who live from the first Midwest bank studios on the corner of steamed and later in the loop this is ESPN one thousand WMVP Chicago back on the mound tonight for the Washington nationals returning from the injured list and right now the nationals in the second up to nothing features work the one two three first duty now working in the second with two outs I need a loan fee basis so far Indians and methods city feel tonight no score between those two clubs in their series finale Noah Syndergaard has retired the first ball patterns of the ballgame Orioles up to one of the raise a Camden yards Austin meadows a home run a solo shot for the race two hundred and fifty nine home run allowed by the order of the season that establishes a new Major League Baseball record for most home runs allowed in a single season by a team cubs won their fifth row today one nothing when it Wrigley against the giants red Sox finished off a suspended game from August seventh against the Royals walked up on an RBI face it in the bottom half of the tenth inning from Brock Cole an exclusive interview with ESPN's Ariel Helwani Conor McGregor said he's remorseful for an April incident where you punch in older men at a Dublin bar in reality it doesn't matter what happened there I was in the wrong not mine not mine deserve to enjoy his time interval without having having it.

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