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This Koven thing for this city and this county to get strong. This is a life threatening situation. It would be wonderful if O. B. Could be its old self, get together, see old friends, new friends and have fun. That's what we want to happen again. But right now, no fun. I'm here. What? No mask. With no distancing. Are being irresponsible and they could get sick, deathly sick and die. I got news for a Councilwoman, They're going to die. Eventually. Want some more bad news. You're going to die. We're all going to die. Cut 60 So we have to get tough and I'm telling you if this situation that happened last Wednesday night happens this Wednesday night there's gonna be AH, lot of clamped down, clam down. Stop it. They have got, and they got to behave in a responsible adult mature matter. No fun. How many times do I have to tell you know fun and eat your peas. Don't push him off to the side of the plate. What kind of emergency is it? Councilwoman Campbell, 61. Drancy. This's a worldwide.

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