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Company and Schenck ow dot com Okay, it's a postgame wrap from San Francisco, where we just wants the Giants beat the Rockies by the final score of 7 to 2. Mother really impressive all around game with lots of contributions from everybody. You talked about that last night, Mike. And you know one thing to me. That's One of the most fun things about pennant race baseball, which we've got in spades this week. With the Giants is when you watch players under the most intense pressure in the biggest game, step up and elevate their game. I mean to me, it's just It's just super fun to watch and There've been a lot of guys who've done that for the Giants. But tonight, you know, I'm thinking, particularly about Alex Dickerson branded belt. Recio du Bon. They're playing their best baseball at the most important times, and it's just thrilled to watch me. These guys have with a thin beat up team have stepped up big time. Well on Amy G was talking to Brandon Belt. The postgame interview and he talked about that He goes out a hot feels right now it feels like it did during the championships. It feels like There's different contribution every night from somebody new and and we're feeding off each other. It was exactly what he was excited about the conversation you know with him. It could be kind of yes or no. Then all of a sudden boom. You picked a scab, and here he comes, and this is what he really opened up about about what's happening with this team right now. Well, plus, the other thing, too, is they're going to get really close. Is there in the bubble right there in the true quarantine now, I mean, they're they're not even going home after the game. I mean, they're going to a hotel, which Which is fine. I mean, look, we're not saying that they're being punished, but You have to be a close knit team to go through all the different things. Any teams have gone through this year. And the Giants have certainly had theirs. I don't think there's anything more dramatic than would happen Alex Dickerson and look out He's played since that, Yeah, really amazing is absolutely the last week plus with him and the ups and the downs and how he has come out of. It is just a total credit and Amy's please. He's a happy camper right now. And what white? Why shouldn't it be?.

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