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The entertainment business was prepared to decisively move on from the state because of a restrictive antiabortion law signed by the governor or at least it seemed like they were despite media outlets claiming the studios had threatened to boycott Georgia. It's actually far from clear that Hollywood studios will leave the state anytime soon. No matter what happens with the legislation. More from Stephen Zaitschek reporter at the Washington Post. He covers the business of entertainment. Steve, give us some background interesting. Obviously, the Georgia governor signed the fetal heartbeat Bill as it's known very restrictive abortion. Legislation and immediately came from Hollywood community. Particularly created to George filming filming filling in George over the last few years, a lot of incentives for them to do production infrastructure there. Now favorite shows movies are copier avengers endgame, most recently, and so the Greek community tried to put some pressure on studios to, to get out studios. More very, very Oslo to react. And then as of last week, Netflix said we might rethink it goes into effect, and the other studios of other conglomerates coming on board by CBS Warner media, Disney and others said, rethink it as well. And so that's kind of where we are in new cycle with a lot of pressure from. And the greater community to get out and studio saying. Oh. In January, we're going to rethink our committing to Georgia. It seems like you, perhaps, though, have stumbled on some Hollywood hypocrisy. Interesting. Say I think there is a case, let me put it this way. Case where the messaging and the PR maybe be a little bit ahead of this, and the policy. And by that, I mean, you know, the statements are while well-considered and certainly welcome. One is, of course, opposed to to this legislation. Nears feeling generated by PR department and that actually extricate Georgia given Helen's gone and tangled companies are there and given how much money they get to shoot there that might be another ball game entirely may not be ready to do that. Mean that I talked to one source. We're really hoping. Reason, but also because it would be incredibly complicated and extensive. Georgia. I think there's a certain again, a gap between being said, and with being ready or what reasonably be responding with Steve psychic. He covers the business of entertainment for the Washington Post and is written a piece, entitled, white Hollywood, isn't actually, in a rush to leave Georgia reference to some of the uproar over an abortion law there, what are the incentives like in Georgia Steve for these studios rich aware that states around the country. In fact, jersey. Ramp around.

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