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Was cold rice. I was going to go out with and with interesting yet. You mentioned that about not like macapagal. I remember having a conversation with kenny smith. He hasn't been. Ceo's about drawn and talks about how much is low of the three thirty two is which is ironic. Coast yeah it was horrible And murphy we could hardly hardly drive tie you know. The steering wheel had to be so close to you because it had to be a certain amount of millimeters right from the the highlights scaring what super cloud. And you almost had to stay with your risk so it wasn't too bad but you know when you hit a bump or something you had no strength So i actually ended up running the rack by especially for the woman there. The w theory the ago no issued telling people that are the but didn't have enough arm strength. you know the precision. I had from the extra law and might up the difference but yes certainly. That lay are win win. Aw did it give you any ties. To perhaps one jumping the is far sales and compare the two perhaps. Yeah sure love to love to do that but Always see that very political so i'm not allowed to go and rice though that has been talked about that. Yeah i can't. I'm not allowed to write them I think you know one one night. He cool cool down the stairs. I looked like cobb well whilst we're talking political now you watch the game free on the weekend. Did you take out of that rice. And i wanna fell off from a couple of different angles. What was your immediate gut. Feel when you were watching people are out. you know you saw the saws an impact. Now fathi off the first thing. Was you happy xikai. And then you learn lighter fifty one g and you know he got caught a concoction that yeah it was pretty pretty crazy and then you know. The group chat were anything pitches of talent like a hit. The wool is all the blue knocking toggle lock. It's quite scared. You look at yeah. I'll just thankfully there ought but you know certainly didn't help the championship for now and it was fascinating with the cars and their electronic system how long the officials had to white two. They could be sure that the cow was de energized before they could go on touch. It maxima already jumped out probably before possibly was safe to do so. Yeah yeah. I don't understand complicated systems but i think they've lost that murder as well probably gonna penalty for that down the law and much of the shine. You know that accidents going to have a have a follow on effect to but about the mindset when you watch the to in car cameras and you've been the guy leading being challenged and you've been the guy challenging what was what was joe mindset being that similar situation or when you're in that similar situation i think we're doing the same thing i got a flat out trying to get lead and getting position and You know the the the accident. You know obviously penalized but whether that was enough of the penalty. I'm sure and you know that's obviously a massive point of the debate from both guys you know. I think that a bunch of the writing was awesome. Mac government off sites then was pretty boldy hanging on the outside and lewis was making a dog up inside to get the lead. Think that's awesome and In the end of his louis to who made the mistake. And and i'm the state into the car. Yeah it's It's just hard writing and that south happens and you wanna keep saying that and one thing so sure. People are going to be tuned into hungary to see how it all plays out next time. Yeah exactly makes makes us interested. Doesn't it on the subject of wailers. I mean obviously you had a great battle a last three or four years with cutting mclaughlin And i know that you voiced. You'll certainly disappointed that he wasn't gonna be here but also that you looking forward to seeing how he got his name because your on his his success and how achieving what he is yes. It's awesome and i think i a little bit of a victim of his on success early because you know changed his expectation flock. You know he's been building up and getting further off the grid every time but then you know you got on to a couple of good laughs so you got on it. You know second lucky did at texas and all of a sudden your expectation china but I think for the for the rookie year at being really good you know and you can see all the tracks these gone for the first time. He's getting better throughout the weekend And and you know. I bought a paid in the rice. You stuck in traffic. So i think certainly the thickener is going to be really really good. He only made one mistake. Rally which was detroit And and the first practice but other than that. It's being being awesome to watch and You know following progress. And i are watch those rights as anyway to watch dixie writing so Yeah now having having been in the sights on a few times invading. Do you think that's something down the line that you'd like to try. And do he's gonna have a go. Have a test that leads to start with an indycar. Probably not you know like they do. Some cool writes things but you know some of the some of the right thing. doesn't really interest me too much but yeah like obviously per se. You wanna have a guy but korea was probably not for me. You know i. I really wanna do that fulltime. But i certainly like america. The american style of right thing is is very good. They have a good attitude about it. And you know. I certainly enjoy going rising and and It's always a lot of fun whenever i've right there. The people really cool. So yeah. I'd love to do more and gt stuff. But i don thank god infocomm realizing full well cows. It is the restriction now on on any of it moving. Anyway i mean. I'm sure you'll be looking forward to winning you back on To see your parents and reconnect over there.

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