Patrol Car, Houston, Hurricane Harvey discussed on Sean Hannity


Was a thirty four year hpd veteran he died in his patrol car on houston's northside is the flood waters of hurricane harvey rose the man charged in the assassination of harris county sheriff's deputy daring go forth has struck a plea deal it was two years ago when shinhan miles gunned down deputy go forth at a gas station in northwest harris county miles argue our lawyers argued he had a history of mental illness but a judge this year did declare him competent to stand trial more than one hundred thirty dogs and cats in the houston area in shelters were being shipped off to california to make room for pet still waiting to be reunited with their owners after harvey area talks that have been owners surrendered or their docks that pipeline before pets recovered during harvey will be held for thirty days in an effort to find their owners best friends animal society will list the animals on its website senator ted cruz pushing tax reform in dc today in a speech to the tax foundation senator cruz said government needs to simplify the tax code and make it easier for individuals to file nine on two yeah those are congressional republicans have been pushing a simplified postcard since last year katie resuce time is three or four the markets are closed here's ktrh money man pecchia well good afternoon has got dr jose today the dow industrials finishing that a up by thirty nine points closing at twenty two thousand one fifty eight the sp 500 of course while we call the broader market it was up by just one point for the day the techheavy nasdaq also flat up by just five points energy stocks were one of the better performing groups today precious metals minors were among the day's laggards this morning before the bell the producer price index was up i just two tenths of one percent that was a bit below what analysts had forecast if we look back over the past year producer price index was up two point four percent oil up by one dollars seven cents forty nine dollars thirty cents a barrel oil prices higher after the weekly oil inventory reports showed a smaller than expected build in crude supplies we also saw a very big drop in unleaded gasoline also gold prices down four dollars seventy cents an ounce.

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