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Indeed all right. Here's some notes hot notes. Yeah so the big news for me. Today that seemed to get glossed over. Is that Chuck Schumer Senate Majority Senate Minority Leader. Excuse me Democrat is asking. Every every agency's Inspector General to investigate retaliation against whistleblowers who report presidential misconduct in the wake of trump. Firing Lieutenant Colonel Vitamin and his brother and ambassador Gordon Sunlen so Schumer sent letters to seventy four inspectors general and in one example in his letter to the the Acting Department of Defense. General Glenn Fine Schumer said the National Security Council filings or. Excuse me firings are quote part of a dangerous growing pattern of retaliation against those who report wrongdoing only to find themselves targeted by the president and subject to his wrath and vindictiveness. I I had a really great interview with the former Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs about this because he's the one who put together the department for the whistle blowers at the Va Eh. And while I can't tell you too much about why I know all about that or how. I am familiar with trump's vindictiveness. When it comes to whistleblowers let Allow me to just say very real Abbott. But it happens at all levels of the government to not just those was like in the National Security Council who you know who are blowing the whistle on specifically things that trump is doing. The sentiment is leaked down to all levels. Yes Shit Rolls Downhill Yeah. We'll they're super huge trump sympathizers at every level of government. Right now yeah there are and then of course. What for secretary? Schulkin was saying about the department. Veterans Affairs is and the Inspector General for the. Va put out a report When I interviewed him at the very end of last year that inspector general just finished or report on their missile blower offer saying they found a lot of retaliation against Whistleblowers they were either ignored or fired or relocated Or for you know. Their jobs moved cross country Or something like that and it was pervasive and so it's not just happening at the very tippy top. Either it's like you said it's trickled down into into the frontline as well and in addition to asking this fine guy to investigate gate all acts of retaliation against whistleblowers Schumer asked when the last time personnel were informed of whistleblower rights. I know the answer to that. It's annually in Web. Based training certification fortification programs. Department of Defense has won. I mean everyone has one of these online learning systems and you have to go in log in annually early and take your training and you have to be certified and you have to do it on time and it happens at a specific time of year for us and it changes for each individual that time. Would you have to do and just based on when you were hired and so that it does happen but I think likely what Schumer meant was he wants the reports reports of the number of personnel. That did not take the training as required Those reports are very easy to generate through multiple different tracking systems through those online. Did they complete a thing or not web based training exactly he also asked fine to write a letter to Congress assuring that the Pentagon's general counsel would not allow for retaliation. But that's weak sauce. Because the secretary of defense himself wrote a letter to Congress assuring no one would be retaliated against In this case and here we are so Sure read a letter. Shoo shoe also wrote I mean what else can you do. Schumer also wrote in his letter quote without the courage of whistleblowers and the role of inspectors general. The American people may may never have known. And how the president abused his power in Ukraine scandal. It's incumbent upon you. That whistle blowers are protected for doing what we hope and expect those who serve our country will do when called. Tell the truth nice and this is a huge. Because as we've said in over the weekend episodes it's not so much about what is it against the law and can trump be punished for this. It's it's it's more of a chilling effect on future whistleblower whistleblowers and. That's very scary and very dangerous. That that nobody's GonNa WanNa come out and blow the whistle and get ready for another. Flynn Delay Federal. Prosecutors made a new filing this Sunday rare Sunday. Filing in the Michael Flynn case We knew his sentencing was coming up at the end of February. And it's been delayed several times because Flynn changed lawyers and then became a co-conspirator instead of a cooperating witness and then he wants to withdraw his guilty pleas sentenced kept getting pushed back and push back the first time it was pushed back is because the judge recommended it be pushed back because he was going to sentence the shit out of him if he didn't cooperate. Great more so. This new filing indicates the prosecutors want more time to use Flynn's lawyers against him to oppose his attempts to get out of his guilty plea plea for lying to the FBI back in two thousand seventeen according to Kaitlin Poland's of CNN quote court filing from prosecutors Sunday could bring a new and consequential twist in the Flynn case aligning the Justice Department and a major force in DC's legal establishment against trump's first national security adviser that major force are his previous lawyers years from Covington burling The big news here is that the prosecutor seemed to hint that they might charge. Flynn with perjury. Or take Take him to trial if if Sullivan allows him to withdraw guilty plea so today. So Eleven cancelled Flynn's February twenty seven sentencing to allow at least two more weeks for both parties to file arguments events and for Flynn's new lawyer and the Department of Justice to negotiate over the use of Flynn's former lawyers in future court proceedings. That's so interesting it's really interesting. Flynn has claimed his. Why put him on my fantasy indictment this week? Flynn is claimed. His former attorneys screwed him over and forced him into taking a plea deal and made him lie and he's actually innocent of lying to the FBI about speaking to the Russians abroad speaking to Kislyak which is dumb because we have transcripts of the calls. Ause we haven't seen those transcripts but we know they exist. And in the Sunday filing prosecutors asked Sullivan to give Flynn's former lawyers from COVINGTON and burling permission to argue against Flynn's claims James and wave attorney client privilege If Sullivan agrees The lawyers could be called to testify against Flynn in future proceedings. Wow basically quickly giving the lawyers like Hey Flynn here saying you guys are a bunch of assholes who tricked him into lying about lying You want to stand up for yourself. Just wave wave waive attorney-client privilege privileges and we might be calling you in future court proceedings. Yeah how else would they get down to the bottom of that really right if he's trying to make that accusation because earlier Covington burling. We don't want to be part of this but now that Flynn is making these open into it. They're they're like well if Sullivan actually allows him to withdraw his guilty plea which I'm kind of hoping he does. Yeah go ahead motherfucker. Make my day Then these lawyers. There's could might come in and say he's the drug pusher not me no they might come in and you know and and testify in front of the judge and everyone publicly. Because that's what they're asking for that this is not the case that Flynn lie to the FBI. THEY HAVE THE THREE O. Two's they have. The you know the sealed conversations with Kislyak. So do you think that this is because trump is feeling more emboldened. And he thinks that he if he thinks that by withdrawing his plea deal and his guilty plea trump's pardon him now hundred percent. Yeah Yeah but if he doesn't withdraw his guilty plea in sentences he gets zero to six months if he does withdraws guilty plea they charge urgent with perjury and perhaps not filing for Farah which they did not mention in this filing or other things he could get more jail more prison time In which case you know six or one half dozen the other you pardon zero to six months sentence you paro you. You pardon a three or sentence but if he doesn't pardon him he's got a longer sentence so he's gambling with the hope of pardon but really could end up in prison for longer. Yep Yep which means. He seems pretty sure that he's going to get a pardon but let's ask Cohen Owen. How how that turns out going for you? But Cohen didn't turn back withdraws guilty plea. So if Sullivan allows as Flynn to withdraw his plea. We could see trial. We could see additional charges if not like. I said he'd likely sentenced him for the original crime which carries a zero to six month sentence from sentencing guidelines Joe Joe that's what's going on with Flynn Neat Interesting I'm really kind of life that go to trial but yeah I. I mean rooting for Sullivan to be like okay. You want to withdraw your guilty plea on a roll the dice. Good luck and I'm still your judge. Enjoy your time you know have fun. Yeah by the way gag order you think so. I would put one on him and Sydney Powell. Yeah definitely new Powell. Yeah that's belly very interesting and keep up with out happens all right. Well everybody if you want these episodes ad free just head to Patriot dot com slash the daily beans all your wildest dreams will come true. We'll be right back with trump's twenty twenty one budget and you'll never guess what he's getting.

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