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Sam this Sonia from Seattle and the best thing to happen to me this week was. Hiking in the mountains to remember my dad. He died three years ago today and And this is the best way to remember him. Coming to go back to hiking uphill now. Hi Sam. This is Chris and the best thing that happened to me this week is my little two year old watch two innings in baseball with me and when she got bored, she asked me to go outside and throw a ball with her. I Sam. This is Anne and the best thing to happen to me this week was that after getting a negative results on Makovich test I finally got to hug my mom who I've missed so much during this whole pandemic and I got to see some of my family. Hi, Sam, it's free calling from Cincinnati Ohio. The best thing that happened to me this week is that my sister, my baby sister closed on her first house. All those big step for anybody the most exciting part about this for me is that. It really represents how we have been able to break out of this cycle of poverty and trauma that we grew up with and that we have been able to both. Purchaser I houses and we now get to live five minutes from each other. Hi Sam Morgan in Cleveland Ohio. The best thing that happened to me this week is that my father-in-law came over for dinner and our new house. This doesn't really sound like a big deal to most people, but we have not seen or spoken to him in five years. Like many Ohio families, we have not been spared the opioid crisis and I'm just so proud of everyone and i. just really just shared such a bright moment on such a horrible time. I got a hug my father-in-law and and it just felt great to have everybody smiling and sitting around and having a great time and laughing like old times. So I just wanted to share that with you and thinks love the show. By. Show by thanks so much for your show and thank you for always creating space for emotionally resonant experiences. So I think, the theme of this week's best things segment is family. And I love it thanks again to all those listeners for sharing just now Morgan Rachel Anne Chris and Sonya. I am so happy for all of you and all of your family's. Listeners you can be a part of this segment at any point throughout any week just record the sound of your voice on your phone sharing the best part of your week, an email that file to me at Sam Sanders at NPR DOT Org. Sam. Sanders at NPR DOT Org. All right this week, it's been a minute was produced by West unruly Sassari Andrea Gutierrez are internal star mcallen are fearless editor ish. But in Hopman our director programming his Steve Nelson and our big boss is NPR senior vp of programming on Anya grunted. Alright listeners till next time. Stay safe. I'm Sam Sanders. We'll talk soon..

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