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With douglas vivianne any and david cohen bob dwyer and we're everything older again with david cone in bed with the army ofof that we you certainly armed with the old is new again and where heavy so fun to you look at the celebrity point of view and interviews that we had in the two thousand seventeen looking forward to two thousand eighteen and by the way if you're listening to us on a podcast for some reason which we do have pockets of the old shows over the os du again dot biz and you don't have our show in your particular neighborhood honor honor am radio or fm radio station please sousse shoot a note to your local station telam you would like them to pick up the show they can and will do it for sure yes uh let's happened it says definitely happened and we're we're looking forward to it happening more often so support us if you will buy that method and and will reward you back with his best a show as we possibly could to um we had called gottlieb on the show and he was a gentleman that uh i don't know if anybody really knew who was but i was watching joe's one night and is almost nobody left from the movie mice um you know richard dreyfuss i don't think we could get i shot a note out to him and other than that spielberg when i now getting so spilled i l said well how about a whose left and and the screenwriter of the play of the play the movie was available that's great so we got him and he was a phone interview he did allow iaea things and he was involved with the smothers brothers and was leave martin subtle rate stories you he really did so let's talk a little bit about everything the do again i think with him you know some fun or try to bring some fun to the radio talking about pop culture entertainment and we're happy to do so with the with called godly i forgot to add if you got that you're in show business in the world today is because you're standing on the.

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